Messages 2009

The Coming of Peace and Harmony.

January 24th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I said through Mr. Padgett, “there will come a time when this natural love will be restored to its original state of purity and freedom from sin, and when this brotherhood may exist in a degree of perfection that will make all men happy.

This is true, and it will indeed occur. But though you yearn for this yourself, you just don’t see how it is possible. I will share my thoughts with you about this.

You have learned that dark spirits intensify negative behavior and bad habits in mortals. The converse is true: when a mortal acts in a way to help himself or herself, and aligns himself or herself with the spiritual laws, that power of the dark spirits is broken.

Humanity eventually will learn about this and will follow through in ways that will result in freedom from the influence of the dark ones.

Furthermore, there exist on earth more than one oppressive system that intensify negativity by fomenting violence and war. In the natural workings of God’s laws, these oppressive systems will be dismantled.

I see your thought, and it is a true one: the election of Barack Obama as President was most improbable, and yet it did occur. So now you can perceive that God can do anything He pleases by arranging the earthplane and influencing the course of nations.

The times you now live in are most unusual, and thus unusual measures will be taken to bring that longed for peace that people everywhere yearn for.

All these processes will gradually loosen the hold of dark spirits over mortals, and so, in the fullness of time, these dark force influences will lose their effect, and their power will be broken.

So just trust us, and all will work out according to God’s perfect plan.