Messages 2008

Jesus’ Political Program.

November 12th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Yes, my political program was based on love. Furthermore, I did not believe in the type of politics that in your country [the United States] seems to function through severe conflict. I wanted political leaders who had the best interests of their constituents at heart, and who did their best to love their opponents.

I was keenly aware of human imperfections, but advocated rising above weakness and the animal nature. I felt politicians should strive to love each other, without relinquishing their convictions. Knowing full well how politics usually evolves, I presented a higher vision, which I felt people could obtain if they believed in the goodness of human nature.

So in my eyes, politics was another reflection of the cooperation that comes from mutual love and respect. I knew full well that this was just not possible in my times, but that at some future time, my program could be implemented. That time is now, and you now have politicians in Washington, D.C. who are close to my goal.

There actually has been a steady growth in your country of a type of political awareness that does not thrive on corruption, as it sometimes does, but recognizes that acting for the good of humanity is the proper approach.

When I said earlier that I did not believe in politics that functions through severe conflict, I meant an approach that sees antagonism and opposition as an end. It’s what William Howard Taft was referring to in your channeling of him. He was referring to the lower sort of politics, where the perception of political survival partook more of the animal nature. In higher politics, the motive changes from survival at all costs, to operating in a context of human betterment. As in all other careers, some politicians have sought to control selfishly, and others have held to a higher vision of service. Both approaches have existed in your country’s history.

The difference now is that certain forces in your country will emerge which will radically alter political behavior, for God will intercede in a way that will both honor free will and help the country. It is the unusual nature of your time that will cause this radical configuration, which will arise naturally and logically from those politicians who have risen above their animal nature.

As is obvious, just being a politician does not guarantee corruption. They, as all people, have the choice to rise above human ignorance to a more enlightened approach, and this is exactly what will occur, and sooner than you might think.

Your country is on the brink of major political change. The political map will be redrawn. We already anticipate the results, since we are currently working to bring about this very result, and nobody or nothing can stop us.

So yes, you can quite accurately say that my political agenda, which I believed on earth, is now coming into fulfillment, because the nature of the times demands it.

When I said above that the political map will be redrawn, I meant that certain ideals that are now only potential, will become actual.