Messages 2007

The races of humanity, and diversity.

July 7, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I come this evening to answer a question posed by a church member, as to how the different races on Earth came to be. Since you are not a biologist or a geneticist, I can’t describe scientifically how this occurred, so I will try to explain myself in layman’s terms.

The first family had a certain genetic structure. Their skin was not white, but slightly dark. As generations succeeded generations through the centuries, certain physical traits became dominant in certain areas.

Scientists talk of natural selection. Well, certain people were physically isolated in their environment, and tended to develop specific physical traits, among them the racial peculiarities. For example, as everyone knows, humans of the Negroid type came to be in the region of Africa.

These racial traits reflect the general diversity of humanity; even within racial groupings, there is always a large variety of physical characteristics. What I am implying is that though one can reasonably divide people into different races, the basic characteristic of human beings is diversity, even within a racial grouping.

Skin color is an obvious difference, as well as the shape of the lips and the consistency of the hair. But even amongst those considered of the same racial stock, there is a great diversity of character traits that may not be discernible to outsiders, but is certainly discernible to those in that group.

Different races evolved because the nature of humanity, as to its physical characteristics, is to be diverse. This happened according to certain natural laws that affect humanity’s physical organism. In other words, it is according to natural law that humans be diverse, and the various races simply reflect this natural process.

I would add that human diversity applies equally to cultural and other non-physical human qualities. So that it is equally natural that one person have an aptitude for mechanics while another has gifts in music, as it is for some people to have white skin, and other people darker skin. This is, of course, obvious. But my point is that a culture can actively seek to suppress this diversity, even as it is manifest. This has been a serious problem for many people in different times and places.

Regardless of how the different races came to be, humanity is at a crucial fork in the road, and it will inevitably choose to foster individuality.

I am aware that many traditional values and cultures remain, but the perception of your own American culture is true - every person is as different as snowflakes, and this distinct identity must be supported and encouraged.

Here in the spirit world, many spirits continue to act out the conventions of their earth culture, and are thus unaware of this individuality. Their free will continues as it did on Earth. Other, more fortunate spirits have embraced their individual personalities and activated a lifestyle that truly reflects their uniqueness.

I know I have rambled from the subject at hand, but wanted to use the occasion to express these other thoughts.