Messages 2003

What is Love?

October 27th, 2003.

Schoten, Belgium.

Received by W.V.


I am here, Jesus.

I have come to help you understand Love.

Love is to let go of pain, your old you. But, can you let go of something, when you do not recognize there is a “problem”?

People become who they are because of the things they experience in life. Most of the time they accept those things as truths and generalize them into “laws” of life. Those laws are self created and have nothing to do with reality because they are based on personal experience. And when people try to live their life according to these laws, they will not find happiness and peace of heart.

What we need to learn is to trust upon God and the knowledge He has to help us recognize our true problems. It seems very hard to do, but it is not. Trust in the fact that God Loves you as you are. Trust in the fact that things happen for a reason. Do not underestimate the power God has to make things happen for you, to change the way you are.

When the pain hurts most, reflect upon yourself, for it is there and then that you are holding on to your own made laws instead of the Love of God. Do not be afraid of that pain, use it to learn more about your self created laws and let it take you back to the point where you’ve created them. Do not be afraid of, or hide from, the feelings you had on that particular moment.

As humans we evolve. That means we were not who we are now and we won’t stay as we are. People try to be “perfect” all the time but forget that they can’t be more loving than they are. How can you be something which you are not? Do you think God expects this from you? Do not account yourself for things you are not accountable for.

To become as loving as possible, means to accept - to recognize - you are not as loving as you want to be, right now. It is in that recognition that you let go of your own laws and that you create space to evolve to what you want to be, as loving as possible.

Embrace your old you (and your old emotions) with your new you and let those old emotions go. Let them out. Do not think that letting them out is not a loving thing to do, because it is the most loving thing you can do for yourself.

Do not feel guilty about things you don’t need to feel guilty about. For every action there is a reaction, but to often people do not react because “they” think it is not a loving thing to do. But let me ask you this: “What do you know about Love, when you don’t have enough of it to understand what it truly means?” (Laughs)

Love is so much more than most people can understand. Let go of what you think Love is and let God guide you to a true understanding. Let Him take you by the hand and lead you to where you want to be. Don’t let go of His Hand because you think Love is not what you’ve expected. Love is Love, no matter what someone may think of It.

Do not judge yourself. Love yourself and give yourself the chance to grow. Then, and only then, you can become who you want to be, not in pretending to be what you are not.


I am your brother and friend, Jesus, and am very pleased with the way you have written. My love is with you, my dear friend. Goodbye, for now.