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Hearing your inner voice

August 17th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


I am here, Jesus.

I have observed you as you passed the whole day thinking of the trance message that I delivered last June; and above all, the part where I spoke about the internal voice, referring to the question by Geoff, impressed you very much. You have wondered if you, too, could develop this ability - the ability to hear “your internal voice” clearly. I write “your internal voice” between quotation marks, because, in fact, it is not your voice, it only sounds in your interior, but it is a voice of external origin - it is our voice, the voice of the spirits.

All people have the ability to perceive this internal voice, and in fact, everybody hears it, but in most cases, they don’t listen to it. And there are three reasons for this to happen. First, it is difficult to distinguish it from your own thoughts, because we, the spirits, have to use the instruments that the human puts at our disposition, that is to say, his or her mind. And in that mind, we formulate the answers or suggestions that we wish to convey. Of course, this voice doesn’t ring distinctively, and since it originates in your brain, it is part of your mind, the same as your own thoughts are part of your mind, with the one exception that this voice was implanted into you, impressed upon you, as right now I am impressing you with these thoughts.

How are you able, then, to distinguish if what you perceive, feel, and “hear” comes from us, and are not the machinations of your own mind? I admit that this is difficult, but in this same moment you can already give yourself the answer: Our voice arrives accompanied by certain sensations; you have the impression that you are not “hearing”it in your head, in your brain, but you’re rather feeling something, which is formulated in your chest, in your heart, and is a very similar sensation which you perceive when the Love flows into you, transmitting the impression of your chest being contracted, but a pleasant, happy sensation. You feel the same happiness now, and in fact, I can assure you that you are experiencing the inflowing of this Great Love that the Heavenly Father grants us in his infinite Kindness.

As I have said, our coming and communicating is accompanied by certain sensations that allow you to realize that what you are feeling, and the information that you are receiving, is not information that your own mind is formulating, but is something that comes from outside - from the world you still ignore - from the wonderful world of the spirits.

I have explained to you the first reason, why people don’t perceive, or why they refuse to perceive, this kind of communication: Simply, they confuse it with their own fantasy. But there is another reason. Imagine the soul like a radio receiver. You can still remember those old apparatus, which, together with the transmission of the sounds, also transmitted a boisterous background crackling. You can sometimes hear this phenomenon even today. When you drive a car with the radio turned on, and as you move out of the reach of the broadcasting station, in the same way the noise increases, interfering with radio reception, making it more and more difficult to understand the speaker.

In some way, this is what also happens with the soul. The soul has a potential power of reception, of perceiving our voices, of being tuned in with the world of the spirits. But besides the work of tuning in to the “radio station,” that is, of elevating your spirituality, of getting ready with spiritual thoughts, primarily of a corresponding sustained attitude, there are other factors intervening with the clear reception of our messages and our guidance.

You live in a noisy, materialistic world, which scarcely leaves you time to devote yourselves to what is much more important because it is potentially eternal: the development of the soul. Well, this is not exactly true, because, yes, there is time, all the time in the world to do this, but the distractions and the amusements are so great, that people don’t take the time to dedicate it to the spiritual things. We could say that this atmosphere acts like an extremely strong background noise. Their upset thoughts are like the deafening waves of the ocean, like the boisterous surf, which covers our intent of entering into contact with you.

Therefore, you have to work to make the volume of this background noise lower, and this is not difficult to do. Take your time; retire from this world from time to time. For this purpose you don’t need enter a monastery, no, just retire to a calm, silent place, a separate room, a corner in the forest or in the near-by park where you may stay awhile all alone, all alone with us and with God. You will be surprised how quickly your perception of our guidance will increase.

When I lived on earth, the world was calmer; noisy, yes, but we had more moments for contemplation, at least those of us who enjoyed the invaluable gift of freedom. As a boy, when studying the Hebrew Scriptures, many times I felt that interior voice very clearly, and I was always filled with a great deal of happiness.

As we informed you in other messages, I was born without sin; that is to say, I didn’t have those encrustments which deform the soul, and this is very important to take into consideration. These encrustments are the third reason, why you, many of you, have so much difficulty in receiving our guidance. You could compare these encrustments with an insulating layer muffling our voice, and this, in combination with the aforementioned background noise, makes the perception of our advice and messages almost impossible.

Therefore, besides retirement and meditation, there is another work that you have to do in order to improve reception. You have to remove, to tear away and eliminate, these encrustments. And there is only one instrument which serves this purpose well: Prayer. We are attracted by prayer, and more important still, it attracts God’s Love, and jointly we can undertake the work of cleansing, detaching these parts alien to the soul, like the coral which covers the sunken ship.

As an adolescent, I used to retire frequently. In my free moments, I liked to climb atop the hills, to withdraw to the forests, and there, in the soothing atmosphere of nature, enter into conversation with the Heavenly Father. My mother called this “mysticism,” this strange communion with nature. Well, in some way this was true, but still more, it was the contact with my Heavenly Father, my conversations with Him, and the immense happiness offered me by this proximity with our Creator, who for me didn’t live far away up in His Heavens, but very close, so near in fact, that I could so easily turn to Him in all my concerns and worries.

Conversation, you ask me? Yes, they were really conversations, and they continue this way, even clearer, more transparent and translucent. And as you now receive impressions, and questions and doubts are forming in your mind, the same happened with me, and the answer arrived immediately, like in your case. Am I not responding to your questions? Aren’t you the one who conducts, in some way, this communication, through your questions and doubts? Ah, you’re beginning to realize! And you feel very happy; it is one of the happiest moments in your life, and you can repeat it - we can repeat it! We are awaiting your call, but we are also waiting for you to get into the necessary condition so that we can really take advantage of this opportunity.

My dear brother, we are anxious to get into close contact with you, with all of you. So, give us the opportunity, get ready, tune in, and you will live, even here on earth, in heavenly moments, moments all of you may enjoy, if you only get ready and contribute your share to this mutual enterprise.

Think it over, listen to me, and may God bless you all,


Note A far clearer communication on this issue was received by another Divine Love medium and is hosted on another website:

As you forge this path between yourself and God, His Will becomes evident. It is not masked or muffled by the human condition or your own mindful enterprises. Rather as you put aside those things of your mind, so the channel to God opens, so the conscious awareness of God’s Presence and desire to communicate with you becomes evident and easily obtained. This begins with a whisper, something very subtle indeed, but at times, God may speak to you as clearly as I am today and as God did so with me when I walked the Earth.

Found in a message through Al Fike in 2020

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