Messages 2010

Jesus, Myth, and the Bible.

December 15th, 2010

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


You recognize the importance of myth for the human psyche. You would like to know what I think about it.

Well, I too very much believe this way, and believed in this sort of manifestation as a mortal. In my part of the world, myth and symbol were very important. But it is very harmful to reduce the Biblical narratives to just myth, for the simple reason that they often are based on historical realities. And my life was real, as was my transformation of soul to the New Birth. This actually happened on Earth, and it is why I am God’s Messiah.

It is a good thing to derive a fine, uplifting message from a Bible story, or from any story. But the Bible attributes to me things I never said, and it omits my central teaching, the New Birth of the soul in the Divine Love, except in the very brief mention of being born again.