Messages 2010

The Spiritual and the Material, and Jesus’ Message.

September 10th, 2010.

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me channel a message on how I see the relationship between the spiritual and the material in regard to my message. What I saw in all human life were two aspects of life: the spiritual and the material. Furthermore, I saw that peace of mind and salvation would come to those who followed the spiritual path I taught: by praying for the Divine Love and renouncing the sins and errors of the flesh. I knew that people are all different, and that what is obvious to one appears false to another, particularly in regard to spiritual truth. I also saw that the forces of my society and culture were out of harmony with spiritual truth, and I wanted to restore the balance by providing a method and a specific point of view.

And so, I have exactly the same objective for your time, since the principles are exactly the same, though the circumstances are different. We didn’t have computers and cellphones, but we certainly had greed and selfishness and oppression. These are very old things.

So what is the exact relationship between the spiritual and the material? Well, the first principle to understand is that God wants His mortal children to be happy. He created human life with these two important aspects, and for a person to be happy and fulfilled, both must be adequately expressed and cared for.

It is because we Celestial Angels love mortals that we sometimes assist with material concerns, since we see that such assistance is necessary for mortals’ well-being.

And in a broader way, we also sometimes influence political leaders if we feel this would serve our cause. In this regard, mortals need to understand the crisis that is afflicting the Earth. This requires our help, which is compounded by the help of many good spirits who do not believe as we do.

In regard to my political and economic agenda, I want you to be clear that we do not support political candidates in the conventional way of your society. Instead, we pick up cues and influences from influential people, thus effecting change. And these people can be individuals who are acquainted with political leaders, and not necessarily these political leaders themselves, particularly if the latter need assistance in recovering from a particular sin or error. So we don’t line up the way it is presented in society. We line up silently, behind the scenes, and quietly, so that the way of God becomes manifest: the way of gentle power and love, and not violence, aggression, militarism, and war. No, these things are the very problem we work to overcome.