Messages 2008

Corporations and Financial Transactions.

February 26th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I commented in a past channeling that corporations are becoming more aware of preserving the environment. That is because there is a very powerful awareness among the people of the world of the danger to the earth’s environment. Naturally, these corporations cannot go all the way in their commitment because they are self-concerned and, at least at this point in history, not truly dedicated to the welfare of humanity.

But the time will come when there will be a change of heart amongst those representing these corporations. I know your mind thinks this is impossible, given the anti-humanitarian focus that drives them. But your soul does know this great truth, that peace and justice will come to the earth as God has promised through His prophets.

You are learning about how the world financial markets are driven by reckless irresponsibility, with no connection at all to the real needs of people. How can this change if these people have free will and are uncommitted to human welfare, you wonder?

Well, we are setting up certain situations that will have a profound impact. I know it looks like an impossible dilemma, but it is not so. Humanity will come into harmony, and the Creator is aware of all these issues. He will guide the course of events. So even though your mind cannot grasp how this can be, your soul knows this great truth, that God has the power to influence even these poor lost money-mad souls.

Now you know that there are indeed good corporate executives who truly desire to be responsive to the needs of people and the environment, but they are sabotaged by reckless speculators. So it’s not always the fault of these executives.

So, to summarize, hearts will change so that the financial system that controls the world comes into alignment with truth. Once again, from a purely mental perspective, this sounds impossible, but seen with the eyes of the soul, it becomes discernible.