Messages 2010


November 12th, 2010

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I’d like to channel a message that has troubled you for a long time, and we felt that tonight is the right time to clarify it. You have learned that militarism is all wrong. This is a true teaching. People who have engaged in the violence of war find that their experiences not only do not help them, but they hinder their spiritual development over here.

Now you have thought that your country, the United States, was born through war, and as a result of that conflict, the new nation could create a country in which freedom was enshrined. You have reasoned that without the Revolutionary War, there would have been no First Amendment. And then, somebody once said to you that “war does the job.”

I can only say that when the violations of God’s Will have occurred, that spirit has suffered, and war always greatly encourages this. That is because war unleashes negative energy that snowballs out of control. To say that a nation wins a war, does not take into account the suffering and injustice of individual examples. So whereas the country is victorious, the soul development of those who actively engaged in war has been damaged. I know this is not how the world sees it, but I can assure you that this is reality, and this spirit world shouts it.

Now let me address that issue. You revere your nation’s founding documents, particularly the Bill of Rights. You have recently read James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights, by Richard Laburski, a book which describes brilliantly the struggle that led to its creation and adoption. What I am saying is that there was a Divine intention that was transmitted to the earthplane which resulted in it becoming law.

But you feel I have still not addressed the issue, which is that there would have been no Bill of Rights without the Revolutionary War. Also, you have learned that George Washington had Divine protection, and this is true. And yet he was the very leader of the Revolutionary forces that conducted the war. So if war is bad, how could he have been protected, and how could it have produced a government of freedom?

Well, it is not a bloc of nations or a nation that God is concerned with. It is the individual soul. Washington went on to be your country’s leader at its birth. He was preserved to fulfill this task.

When people find themselves in the ever present negative situations of war, they make choices, and these choices determine their soul. You are aware that Washington suffered in the spirit world because he had some soldiers hanged before thoroughly investigating the causes of their behavior. But despite this (and there were other penalties he had to pay), he had a good heart and a fine character, and in fact, he was selected to be the first president because of his character and because the people wanted him. And so did God.

So though, indeed, militarism is wrong, there can be productive choices in the very heat of combat, for even though the goal of battle is to kill the enemies, people have often done very brave and courageous things in the pressure of war.

So what I am saying is that from God’s point of view, every situation and every person is unique because God created people with free will so they can choose their life.

Atrocities were committed on both sides, but this does not in any way discredit the Bill of Rights.