Messages 2003

The speed of Love.

September 29, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven,

I used to “feel” the presence of my guardian angel when I was writing and the “m’s” would “hesitate” at the bottom of each loop. I felt that particular hesitation a few moments ago, and I’m wondering if there’s a Celestial spirit present who would like to deliver a message.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come as I usually did when you prepared yourself to receive a message from me.

I know that you thought it was Andrew who moved the pen on your “m’s” but it was I, trying to let you know we were present with you and that you could receive a message from us if you wished to do so.

It seems that there were opinions that our messages became repetitious if we write frequently, but if our followers and friends – God’s children – are interested in spiritual development (and we believe that they are), then they will be acutely aware of the fact that in order to progress consistently, repetitious prayers are a boon to that endeavor.

On other levels of growth and change it is often a help to hear and read a lesson several times in order for it to sink deep into the soul and take lodgment there to become a part of your awareness, even when you are not focusing on that piece of information.

In your classes for mediumship development you will be guided as the presentations unfold according to what the students are ready to learn. As in all cases, some people will learn more quickly or easily while others may wish to repeat certain lessons in order to acquire a better grasp of the process. There is always the important lesson of recognizing that the condition of the soul is what will determine the quality of the transmission. The more soul development in the Divine Love, the higher truths will be forthcoming from the Celestial angels.

The laws of rapport and communication will be a necessary part of your classes and, of course, prayers of all kinds – for protection, healing, for Divine Love, and one another – for if you stress the importance of prayer, your students will learn more easily and have more joyful experiences in their spiritual development. As the law of attraction works, you will find people who are interested in taking classes on developing mediumship will not be interested in material-oriented topics, so there shouldn’t be any difficulty in the presentation of the many aspects of prayer that will be useful and necessary in the development of their mediumship.

It will be fun. It will be educational and fulfilling because you will be able to put to use the talents you have developed over the years. Do no have any particular expectations because nobody will fit into a mold and there will be surprises and unfoldments which don’t fit the so-called “norm” because as you very well know, everyone is a unique individual, no two souls are the same, and it will be a learning experience for students and teachers.

We will always be with you in your spiritual work as we have always been, and I have the free will choice, the same as all of God’s children, to decide where I wish to be and which effort I wish to contribute to. I have a huge band of helpers who are “Christs” as a result of having been transformed by the Grace of God’s Divine Love into Celestial angels, and they do God’s bidding and serve His children and represent me when it is propitious to do so. It is the same Christ Spirit as I am motivated by – it is the same Energy of God’s Substance of Love which made me the Christ and is making each of you the Christ, as well.

As the world is ready for more teachers, healers, protectors, and guides, many more of our Celestial inhabitants will be called upon to serve the cause, but as you know, there is not so much use for an army of Celestial spirits to attempt to influence certain segments of the population who are intent on taking revenge through some violent episode. The most that can be done in these cases is to interfere with the violent acts being carried out, but this can be accomplished with the help of many good spirits who are guides and protectors. They do just as good a job as the Divine souls are able to do, and our efforts are more effective and appreciated on higher levels of consciousness where higher guidance and instruction are able to be received.

So, please do not worry about how I might be able to serve all the people who would be making demands upon me and my time, as I do manage to fit more into my schedule than you would be able to comprehend under the circumstances of your earth life awareness and patterns of thinking and functioning.

Spirits travel at the speed of thought, which is instantaneous – it takes you several minutes to go up and down your stairs. We know what someone is thinking the moment the question pops into their mind. We’re the ones, oftentimes, who give our workers the questions and then give them the answers. It makes no difference to us that our beloved workers for the Lord believe it was “their” idea to do such and such – whatever it takes to motivate a person to activate their love to help God’s children learn about the availability of His Grace, we will do it, again and again, if necessary. We don’t mind sounding redundant if that’s what it takes to help someone onto the pathway of truth and love.

If a person has been on a difficult life cycle for say 30 or 40 years, it may very well take them at least half that long to re-learn, reverse, and change negative patterns into loving and positive ones. We are patient, we never give up, and rarely become discouraged – so just accept that we love you with a great and abiding love that even at this elevated condition of your spiritual growth you have no understanding of how truly great it is because it would boggle a mind oriented to earth life manifestations.

Spirit life is free and light. No blocks or darkness – everything is clear for us to see. So, please have faith in your own goodness and the power of God’s Love in your souls to guide you in a good direction, and know that when you are praying for God’s Love to motivate you, and when you are extending that Love to the best of your ability in your interactions with your fellow human beings, you will be guided and you will be following God’s Will and growing spiritually all at the same time.

I will leave you now, but will remain with you in spirit even if I am so-called “located” in the Celestial Heavens. I leave my blessings of love upon you – I am your friend and brother in Spirit, Jesus the Christ.