Messages 2010

On Material Abundance - 2.

February 23rd, 2010

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I want to continue my discussion about material abundance, as it is a subject that affects mortals directly.

First, let me say that our position is that the only real and lasting wealth is that of the soul. The problem lies in the conflict between two opposing worldviews: that of materialism, and the spiritual approach. Material realities are not inherently opposed to spiritual reality - how can they be, when it was God who created all the material things? A material object is a miracle of creation. But the greatest miracle is the human soul, which is capable of being divine, in the way that I taught.

Now, as the human soul makes its way in the mortal world, it needs the support of the material, and this is just as God created it, since mortals have the dual nature of their material aspect, represented by their body, and their spiritual aspect, represented by their soul; or, as we said through Mr. Padgett, the animal nature and the spiritual nature. Two natures - and both subject to the will, which determines the exact balance and relationship between the two. It is God’s Will and Desire that these two natures act as one in harmony. And in truth, they cannot possibly operate independently, since they are joined.

Everything mortals do affects their two natures, whether each is encouraged or dismissed. So you can see that anything that diminishes the strength of the spiritual nature is something that deeply concerns us. If we felt that material wealth would actually enhance the soul (and it often can), then we encourage that manifestation. But certainly, material privation is not something we encourage because it could work injury.

So I think you can understand our position, which is that the accumulation of material wealth is irrelevant to our purpose, that is, it has nothing to do with our efforts to harbor and protect our charges’ souls so that they be right with God. And in fact, as I said earlier, material wealth can easily injure many mortals because it lays them open to temptation. At the same time, we want mortals to be happy, and for most, a delicious hot meal, or a beautiful and comfortable piece of clothing worn, brings great happiness and comfort, and this is all for the good. The problem arises when there is no connection to the spiritual, and this disconnection is easily made when the soul is not activated. There are those for whom material riches and comfort do not affect these people’s soul, but there are many more for whom greater material provisions simply drown out the soul, so that that person actually can become an animal in human form.

I think I have shown clearly that our perspective favors the spiritual, while also acknowledging the importance and necessity of the material. God is the source of every good thing, so when material help comes when it is desperately needed, this is God’s Will. But it is not God’s Will for people to forget their soul, even though they do this constantly. And it is not God’s Will that people be ignorant of the momentous fact that the New Birth can be theirs, and with It, Eternal Life and never ending joy and happiness.