Messages 2009

Social, Economic, and Political Forces.

May 21st, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I want to clarify what I meant in today’s channeling when I said, “We are not indifferent to social, economic, or political concerns, even as we focus on the spiritual.”

Let me make it clear that our priority always was, and always will be, the guidance of mortals’ souls on the Divine pathway.

The point to be aware of is that when mortals find their way to this path, they are accompanied by social, economic, and political influences which directly impact their journey, and thus require our help.

The Bible is fully aware of this. And so, we read in its books detailed descriptions of political realities that are inseparable from the lives of major Biblical figures.

And this is just as it should be, for human beings’ lives intersect in countless ways. Indeed, one can even say that these influences define a life, for they call forth responses that shape the individual soul. And as these social, political, and economic forces swirl around the individual, the journey of life takes its shape, as the individual reacts. And we are always guiding the sincere soul who seeks guidance in relation to these forces.

And always, hovering above the earthplane, is the Loving Creator, who cares most of all about the spiritual welfare of His children.