Messages 2010

Earthly and Spiritual Concerns.

September 10th, 2010.

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Yes, I see your point, so let me clear up your confusion. I said, my Kingdom is not of this world, and I continue to teach this. But politics and economics ARE of this world.

We Celestial Angels teach spiritual principles. We teach the primacy of the spiritual over the material, at the same time that we see the importance of earthly concerns. We have always known that there are those mortals who will never believe in spiritual things in their Earth life, and we also know that politics and economics are mortal concerns that often have nothing to do with the spiritual.

My point is, does it have to be this way? Your native Judaism teaches bringing the holy into everyday concerns. That is what I am saying, that earthly matters such as politics and economics can relate to the things of God. In fact, this is a powerful trend in your contemporary world; it is the way the world is moving.