Messages 2008

The Nazi Holocaust and Empire.

February 21st, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

When a church colleague was incredulous about my channeling that God raises up empires, you agreed with your friend regarding Hitler and the Nazis. For you, the idea even of God permitting the Nazi Holocaust is too horrible to contemplate.

In another channeling, I said that by “raising up,” I simply meant, permitting. I also said that I did not mean to imply that God was necessarily in favor. But then, you wonder, if this is true, then why would a Loving God permit the sort of horrors that the Nazis committed?

The answer is one which you already know, and that is, human free will. The situation in Germany when Hitler came to power was desperate. There was massive unemployment, and the economy was in shambles. And more importantly, the German people resented what they perceived as the unfairness of the Versailles peace treaty, so they looked to Hitler as an answer to the country’s tragic dilemma.

The Creator did not control Hitler and his colleagues. And He did not control the will of a large part of the German people who supported him.

But then, you wonder, why couldn’t He have done something in His own way to stop the march of events, which He certainly foresaw? And why were the various assassination attempts on Hitler’s life failures?

Well, to the first question, I answer that He did guide Hitler to invade the Soviet Union, which no sane military leader would have ever done.

Let me go back to the Jewish prophets, for it was from them that I came to grasp this idea of empire. The empire of Nebuchadnezzar was very cruel, as every empire is cruel, and Jeremiah, who I consider to be one of the greatest Jewish prophets, saw this cruelty.

Now you are wondering, am I implying that the Nazi Holocaust was a specific punishment of God of the Jewish people?

The answer is no, I do not think that at all. I mentioned the case of Jeremiah to bring to light the fact that, as is obvious, God does permit empires to rise.

I know you struggle with all this, as every sincere believer has. One reason why it is difficult to discuss all this with you is that you are very close to it, having lost most of your mother’s Jewish relatives in that tragedy. But your faith is sure, and the Divine Love in your soul has taught you that God is indeed a God of pure Love.

It was Jeremiah’s destiny to live at a time when Nebuchadnezzar’s empire was in power, and my destiny coincided with the empire of the Romans.

I, like many thoughtful Jews of my time, pondered deeply over why our Loving God permitted the cruelties and injustices of our Roman oppressors. In my profound inquiry, I studied Jeremiah and other prophets, and I thus grasped that the Creator has had a plan all along which worked alongside of free will, that in fact, this plan specifically took free will into account.

So, we move back to the era of the Second World War. God knew that the Nazis had to be stopped. And history shows that they were, by Hitler’s strategic blunder of invading the Soviet Union.

But then, you wonder, look at all the lives lost, in Russia, amongst the Allies themselves, and amongst the German people, who endured saturation bombing. All those lives lost because of a madman.

Let me say that in one sense, the circumstances in Jeremiah’s and my time were very different, but the principle remains the same - when a human system is organized to control the world, or as much of the world as possible (which is a definition of empire), by the workings of certain psychological, moral, and spiritual laws, conditions are created for that empire’s defeat.

An empire, by definition, has little regard for its subject people, and where it does, it subordinates it to the needs of those who are in control of the empire. In other words, the leaders of an empire are by definition selfish. It’s a very simple idea.

You can obviously and logically apply this to the conditions of your own time.

So despite the formidable nature of the American empire, and despite the depressing fact that some Americans actively promote it, it cannot possibly sustain itself, since there is no true foundation to provide for people in a material and moral way.

You, like so many others, often cannot fathom the ways of the Creator in these issues. But insight will come to you. One purpose I had in channeling this message tonight is to provide that insight, so that you can have more clarity on this difficult subject.

For your consolation, I can assure you that you and your fellow Americans will not have to endure what happened in Europe in that terrible time of the 1940s. This time, relief will come, and with it, the comforting assurance that there is a Creator who loves humanity and the earth.