Messages 2007

War and Peace and God’s Plan Part 3.

January 20th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me continue my discussion of war and peace in relation to God’s Plan, as you still feel unclear about this subject.

In an email from A___, the thought was raised, how could God “raise up” someone like Hitler, who caused so much evil and harm?

Well, I need to clarify what I mean by “raising up.” I certainly do not mean “supporting.” I meant something like “permitting to exist.” For it is simply true that God allowed and permitted Hitler to come to power and do so much harm.

Then, you are wondering, how can God be good, knowing the horrors that would inevitably ensue, tortured souls and destroyed psyches, and people placed in the most hellish conditions imaginable? It’s the classic dilemma of the ages - why does God permit Evil to exist?

Humanity is always making choices. One day, humanity as a whole will choose to eliminate war as an option. This will come about because it will be plainly seen that war simply does not address the answer to whatever problems are existing.

As you have perceived, many veterans of the Vietnam war have come out against the war in Iraq, and many servicemen currently serving in Iraq have written to the Congressman Dennis Kucinich letters condemning this present war.

And in Europe, which was the cause of so many destructive wars, there is now an anti-war consensus based on this bloody history. In other words, they have learned that cooperation and not conflict is the correct way.

Of course, war continued in Europe, as in Ireland and the former Yugoslavia. And yet, amongst the countries themselves, there has been a general feeling that unity in peace is the correct choice and not war. They came to this consensus because of their tragic past experience, just as some Vietnam veterans have realized that “war is hell” and really does not serve any useful or helpful purpose.

You have the thought, the peace in Europe occurred because the United States is the dominant power and not they. Well, yes, this is partially true. But this doesn’t change the fact that peace has largely prevailed between these European countries. They have perceived, through the Union that they themselves have created, that they are stronger united.

There is more to this decision than a desire to be able to compete with the U.S. They perceived, through wisdom, that cooperation is to everyone’s benefit. This attitude was strengthened by their memory of centuries of fratricidal war.

Do you see where I am going? The consensus in Europe could not have occurred without their tragic past as a sobering guide. And so, the example of Vietnam, fresh in so many Americans’ minds, is having a powerful influence in American thought, regardless of the fact that the powers that be are indifferent to public opinion.

In fact, this increasing opposition by the President is actually strengthening the cause of peace by mobilizing the country against the quagmire that is now Iraq. In other words, President Bush’s stubborn and blind recalcitrance is playing right into God’s Plan, even though so many lives continue to be damaged and destroyed.

No, humanity simply has to learn that war is not the answer, and the only way to learn this is the hard way, through experience, even though many innocent people are harmed and killed.

And, hovering over the wartorn parts of the Earth, is the Creator, who is guiding humanity toward love and peace.