Messages 2015 and 2016

Jesus’ Ministry and the Teachings of Divine Love

April 2nd, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


God bless you, my beloved souls, I come as a teacher. I am Jesus. I have come to talk about my ministry, to talk about my life while I was here on this Earth, to talk about the fulfilment of those prophecies told before I came, of being the Messiah.1

There are many today who believe my message and my purpose to come upon this Earth was born from my sacrifice upon the cross, the shedding of my blood, the redemption that was brought to those who believe in me and the power of my blood. Oh, how this unfortunate interpretation of my message and life has wrought much pain and error in the world, for nothing could be further from the truth that my death and my blood could save humanity.

I was a man imbued with many gifts and born with a unique attribute of having a purified soul when incarnating into this world. The conditions of the world, of humanity, did not touch my soul as it does for all who incarnate here. God protected me from this, for He had a great purpose for me, to re-open the door of His Love, to receive His Love within the souls of mankind. This is true redemption, to receive the Essence of God which is His Love, through the Holy Spirit, which is His active agent which places this Love within the yearning soul, the soul who chooses to set forth its yearning to God to receive this Gift, an opening, a blessing and a healing. This was my message. This is what I wished to convey to all I met. And I endeavored to teach this message in allegory and stories, and some understood, others wondered and many listened.

And so it will go for you, my beloved, beautiful students. You must go forth in the world and teach the story of Love, to inspire those you meet to open their souls to this Gift, this great Gift. My world was very small compared to yours. But I travelled as I was guided by God to do so, to touch many souls, to teach, to be open, to walk the lands and to fulfil my purpose in the world. And many miracles were performed, many souls were touched and the Truth was spoken in ways that those who could hear me could understand.

But the true understanding comes only with the opening of the soul, and with the experience of receiving this Gift which cannot be ignored or unrecognized, this Touch, so powerful and pure and wondrous. And so this Touch must be given to all souls who yearn for it. But first they must know and understand what it is that they yearn for, and you must give them that key of understanding, and you must sit in Circles of Light, in prayer with them, trusting that God will Touch their souls, for is this not God’s great work? Is this not God’s Touch? Is this not what God wishes for all His children, to receive this great Gift, this Divine Love?

And you who sit here, on this day, in prayer, are His instruments and my disciples in spreading this Truth, this good news of the salvation, this Touch from God that is like none other and has the greatest power of all to transform your being, your souls from your mere mortal state to immortality. Do you truly understand the power of this, my beloveds, to be redeemed in this way and to be well upon the road to at-onement with God, what a wondrous gift this is, how your souls can evolve from a state of dormancy to a state of complete enlivenment and Light, igniting all the faculties and perceptions that lie within this vessel, this seed and which awaits the Touch of God’s great Hand to bring it to life through His Essence?

You are all pregnant with this Love and it is growing your souls. It brings you to a place of awakening, of true understanding, of knowing God and knowing the joy of this. You know you are upon the right path. You eagerly seek the next steps, the wider awakening of your souls, the opening of your eyes to Truth and to God. This comes gradually as you receive ever more of His Essence within you, as you begin to forge a powerful relationship with your Creator, as you begin to be transformed so that your souls may become the predominant place within you, so that your perceptions and the very center of your being may be that of your soul and that you will be motivated and informed by your soul. In this way God in His great wisdom and guidance may bring His Gifts, His message to you, showing you the way within your lives, guiding you along that path and bringing into your path many souls who are seeking this Truth.

Yes, you have a great journey ahead of you, beloveds, a great journey. And much will be accomplished when you are willing and able to walk in the way of the soul, to know God’s Will and to be that clear channel of His Love. For now you walk seemingly in both worlds – the world of man and the world of the soul and God. And you make this transition, slowly but surely. Bit by bit you release your attachments, your mental understandings, your biases, your doubts and your fears, those errors which you harbor and those misconceptions that you have of the world. Bit by bit they fall away. And you migrate your consciousness to that place of soul awareness.

A different world awaits, with different perceptions and understandings and you will be motivated differently through God’s Will. Will you will walk and speak and express yourselves, through God’s Will? And your mind will find its place within this new world and be in harmony. You will walk with each step being guided. You will speak with each word ringing with Truth. You will love powerfully everyone you meet. This awaits you, beloveds, it awaits your choice. It awaits your efforts in prayer. It awaits your willingness to give up that which you hold so dear within yourself but which is not in harmony with God’s Love, to be free in this way, to allow God dominance within your lives, to be His instruments and channels of Love.

Oh, how the world needs souls who are willing to walk in this way. And your souls desire this, beloveds, your souls desire this. You continue in this struggle and evolution of your consciousness, and we continue to support you, and love you, and guide you, and teach you as you make this journey within yourselves. To walk in Light, my beloveds, requires that great Light of God’s Love to burn within you. To be sure of your footsteps, you must carry great faith within you. And to know God’s Will you must know your own true selves, your souls, and you begin this great migration, and your mind puts much in the way of this journey. But step by step, you release those blocks which inhibit you, and that which you are afraid of, you release this. And you are close to truly knowing your souls, you are close. And the power of God’s Love will bring this ever closer to you and you ever closer to God.

So this has been my message to mankind. When I say, “Seek ye the Kingdom” I mean, seek God’s Love, which will create the Kingdom within you. There is no other way, my beloveds, there is no other way. For those who do not seek the purification of their souls, and the enhancement of their natural gifts and abilities to love, will never know God in this way. They will know a measure of happiness, they will perfect every aspect of their being, but they will not go beyond this attainment. Their road ends where your road begins. And your road goes on for all eternity, for God’s Love is infinite. And you have a capacity, each soul in this world has the capacity, to receive infinite quantities of this Love. For a soul is not bound by limitations, a soul is the reflection of God, and can know many attributes of God. The only thing that stops a soul is the will, which is the gift of each soul, the gift of choice.

And I see amongst me my brethren who have chosen this Truth and eagerly walk upon this Path of Love and are my disciples. Walk this Earth, my beloved, beautiful disciples, and spread this Truth. Bring it to as many as you can, for this is an important task, beyond all tasks that you may fulfil in your life. This is your highest calling, your greatest gift.The most wondrous expression of your souls in the world is to bring this Love as the channels of God’s Love and Truth and to do so simply with humility, with strength, with wisdom and with faith.

God bless you, beloved souls, and all souls who take this journey to at-onement with God. Leave behind the entrapments of the human condition, leave behind that wilful part of yourself so eager for power, control and to feel safe within the consciousness of the human condition. This is an illusion. True power, true safety is when you are secured with God. Then nothing can truly affect you. You are within God’s protection, truly His children and no harm will come to you.

Such great Gifts God has to give to His children and His children are not aware of what can be given. You must tell them, you must share this Truth, you must make them understand that there is a higher road, one that will lead to joy and everlasting life. It is not by belief that this happens, it is by the sure knowledge that comes with the inflowing of God’s Love. The mind has very little to do with the development of the soul. The mind is a gift to help you navigate the material world and those material aspects of the spirit world. But an angel redeemed in Love does not require a material mind, for another mind exists, the mind of the soul. And that mind begins to operate with the infusion of God’s Love, igniting its abilities.

And you are beginning to get glimpses of your soul mind. You are beginning to make that migration of which I speak. And many things will change within you, my beloveds. The world will appear different. Those things that are a dilemma to you now, will fall away. Those things which you seem to feel are important, will fall way. You will be God’s free and active agent in the world. You will dance to a different drummer. And that drum beat, like a heartbeat, will give life and purpose and action. It will animate you in different ways and you will express yourselves in beautiful ways and fully realize your gifts, your abilities and talents in this world, bringing much to those who you encounter.

Many will turn their eyes towards you, my beloveds, and you will speak to them Truth. Your very presence will be used to ignite their souls that aspire an opening and a change to their minds. This is coming. You each have a great destiny. Continue upon your road, so beautifully fashioned by your Heavenly Father. Walk tall, walk eagerly and with joy, for you all are truly blessed.

I am your friend, I am your brother, and I love you dearly. I am Jesus. God bless you, beloved souls. I am with you on your journey and I help to light the way as you walk this Path. God bless you. God bless you.

Note 1: For some reason this was not covered at this time.