Messages 2007

The Evolution of the Physical Body and the Padgett Messages.

January 20th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I wish to write now on the subject of the evolution of the physical body in relation to the Padgett messages. It is generally accepted in your contemporary world that this evolution is a fact, as indeed it is. You have been reluctant to sit for a message about this because you’ve had trouble accepting and facing the fact that in this instance, Mr. Padgett erred in “channeling” that the body did not evolve. You are also troubled by the fact that I said in a previous channeling of yours that the Padgett and Samuels messages contain no contradictions.

Well, I did channel that idea. I was referring to the general theological premises on which the messages of both mediums are based.

Mr. Padgett is right here beside me now, and he is saying that at that time, there was a powerful anti-evolutionary trend in Christianity, and he shared this view. He is saying that he regrets that in this instance, he wasn’t able to overcome his own bias and lay it aside. But he is saying that he did not really suffer for this, since overall his work for God was a success.

If people, as you fear, discredit the Padgett messages as a whole because of this, that would be their choice. If it is understood that mediumship is imperfect, it will be generally perceived by those partial to perceiving and loving the Truth, that, this error acknowledged, what was accomplished, with Mr. Padgett’s cooperation, was nothing short of remarkable.


Six messages were chanelled in error. They are Aman, Aman, Amon, John, Jesus and Luke. This subject is complex, and set out on a separate section.