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Evolution Versus Creation.

Ever since Charles Darwin wrote his book in 1859 “On the Origin of the Species” debate has been fierce between those that follow the Bible’s explanation of creation, and those open to scientific explanations.

The creationists are primarily those who hold a fundamentalist view of the Bible, and based on that view they believe the world is 6,000 years old. Over all these years the debate has not advanced much, but creationists do point to gaps in the theory of evolution which have not been answered, despite vast research. This has not upset scientists, who recognise that science itself evolves, and expect that new information will be found one day.

Of course if one has the view that every word in the Bible is inherently accurate, because its God’s word, then no progress is ever going to be made in this debate. But there are many people who don’t have such a closed view of the Bible, and would like to reconcile what the Bible says, with science. And as things stand, the fact that humans share about 96% of their dna with the nearest primate - the chimpanzee, is compelling evidence that evolution seems to have played an important role. However the “missing link” has not been found. The current scientific view is that natural selection is how species evolve. But if there are real gaps, of course they will not be “found”, and so it is basically impossible to prove that a real gap exists, in the sense that natural selection did not create the new species.

In the Padgett Messages, James Padgett received in some six messages1 that the human body was created instantly. Naturally this delighted some followers, who were well disposed to a Biblical explanation, and horrified others. Afterall, if humans have 96% of the same dna as chimpanzees, some explanation of that is required. And the suggestion the human body was created out of nothing, hardly explains that common heritage.

In recent times, those followers with a scientific leaning have indicated that in order to understand what Padgett received, it is necessary to recognise that until a soul took up habitation in a physical shell, a human did not exist. And since we know and accept that souls are created by God, this meant the “human” was created instantly, even if the animal shell was not. This explanation however did not satisfy the creationists amongst us, and further fuel was added to the fire when in January 20th, 2007 a contemporary medium received the following from the Master:

“I wish to write now on the subject of the evolution of the physical body in relation to the Padgett messages. It is generally accepted in your contemporary world that this evolution is a fact, as indeed it is. You have been reluctant to sit for a message about this because you’ve had trouble accepting and facing the fact that in this instance, Mr. Padgett erred in “channeling” that the body did not evolve. You are also troubled by the fact that I said in a previous channeling of yours that the Padgett and Samuels messages contain no contradictions.

Well, I did channel that idea. I was referring to the general theological premises on which the messages of both mediums are based.

Mr. Padgett is right here beside me now, and he is saying that at that time, there was a powerful anti-evolutionary trend in Christianity, and he shared this view. He is saying that he regrets that in this instance, he wasn’t able to overcome his own bias and lay it aside. But he is saying that he did not really suffer for this, since overall his work for God was a success. ”

To add to the complication, I need to record that this particular medium is not happy with this message, and has asked me a number of times to remove it. I however believe it to be accurate and important. From other sources that I value, over some years I have gathered the information that there are in fact Celestial beings whose job it is to manage life on this planet. They have indicated that evolution is “managed.” And quite recently we received a very clear summary of the evolutionary process, which I have been permitted to host, even though it is not from a Divine Love medium.

Now it appears that evolution as an adaptive process is limited. It does not create new species. So a creative process is brought to bear on a promising species, and a new one derived from it. While we have not received any input as to exactly how or when that creative input occurs, it makes sense to me that it probably occurs as a change to the dna, and that the change would be effected right at the start of the life process - to a foetus. That means a new species is born of parents of the host/derivative species. Which is what has also been channeled recently.

What this now means is that while James Padgett was clouded in his reception of what was intended to be communicated, the overall issue is more complex than either scientists or religionists would probably like. I can see that science will be very poorly disposed to accepting this explanation, and while some religionists will be happy to understand how it is we humans have common dna with primates, others will not want to accept that evolution played any part, because it upsets the timeline they believe in, and their entire belief system may be shattered by that.

“The idea of evolution, from our perspective, is really in its infancy on earth. As is apparent, Darwinian evolution is not an exact science. How can it be, when the events it claims to know for certain occurred long before human beings existed?

But it is true that the human body, in the person of the first parents, was not created instantaneously, and arose according to certain natural laws, one such law being that the bodies of Aman and Amon were originally conceived as all human beings have been.

Your brain is not yet aware of an expanded and amplified view of evolution. Indeed, in your time, no mortal yet grasps the full truth. It is not as simple and cut and dried as it is currently perceived.

Now you are confused. What is confusing you is the imperfect state that evolutionary theory occupies in your contemporary world. What I will say is that life appeared on earth according to a certain organized plan. Charles Darwin is only the beginning of the evolution of the theory of evolution.”


Note 1. Six messages were chanelled in error by James Padgett. They are Aman, Aman, Amon, John, Jesus and Luke.

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