Messages 2010

Creation, Evolution.

Illawarra District, Australia, January 9, 2010.

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).

Nebadon Life Carrier, Orion.

Received by George Barnard.


Bzutu : “I greet you, my human friend. It is I, ABC-22, who by request will do the honors here. Your Teacher to inform you today has been a close associate of mine for many millennia. We surround you, and will have this moment of prayerful meditation before we begin. Over to our friend in common.”

Orion : “Thank you Chief Bzutu. This is Orion. It is by virtue of your status as mortals that you rarely get things altogether right, and likewise you rarely get things altogether wrong. Your ongoing antics are a study of great interest to your celestial kin and carers, productive of eliciting knowing smiles and raised eyebrows alike. It is in fact a rare occurrence when your ideas, your theories, your observations are, as you call it, ‘right on the money.’

“Mind not the jests of this Life Carrier, who has seen so much, and who, owing to the body, brain and mind with which he was gifted, remembers all that came to his attention in millions of years of duty and observation. Life Carriers are created beings, but nevertheless evolve, and it is about creation and evolution that we speak today. In some places there even are basic human camps, in violent verbal opposition to each other, when they are both right … and both wrong.

“Your Seraphic kin are created beings, daughters of Mother Spirit, one and all, but they undergo lengthy training, and thus become very much evolutionary in their eventual ascent to higher spheres. Your human offspring could be classed as fully evolutionary, certainly, but the needed life-giving spark, awarded at the time of conception, is of a creative nature, not evolutionary. And here we come to the duties of Life Carriers as typical on a decimal planet such as Urantia.

“After the implantation of living plant medium - created and tested by us - we stick around for millennium after millennium, guarding and nurturing the most likely pre-human ancestors, which will possibly give rise to, eventually give birth to, the very first God-knowing mortals. We supervise such development, and on occasions, we seek and are granted permission, to enhance a certain strand, and with permission may even be allowed to eradicate an unwanted pre-human strand.

“Creation versus evolution – let the debate carry on – but for some of you who will ever reason in stark black or white, it must be just a little easier to conclude that hard and fast either/or rules cannot be adopted. The issue becomes even more intriguing when highly precocious offspring are born to parents, when neither carries the genetic prerequisites for such an outstanding child. Contemplate such events. This is Orion. I send my love to all.”


© The 11:11 Progress Group. You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire-ABC-22.


This medium is not a Divine Love medium, and his frame of reference is quite different, as a result of his talking almost exclusively to angelic beings, as opposed to ex-mortals. Nevertheless this message is quite understandable.