Messages 2007

Economic Justice.

January 20th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

You have been thinking about my comments about Europe in today’s message. You are thinking that Western Europe was united against the Soviet Union in the Cold War, and the European countries gave up their empires, so they had less cause to quarrel.

Well, yes, your points are valid, and have definitely contributed to reducing the possibility of European conflicts. And with the end of the Cold War, there is no longer that East-West split, and the European Union continues to strengthen.

But Europeans generally have longer memories than Americans, and they thus have a greater chance of finally learning from their tragic past. So I maintain my point - they have truly seen something.

It is true that Europe continues to be a rich part of the world, and that it thus continues to participate in the economic inequity that plagues the rest of the world. But slowly, and not so slowly, pressure is building to balance these inequities, by the configuration of world politics.

As time goes by, this pressure will be accompanied by certain dramatic events that will shake the power base of the rich. As you well know, it is simply greed that is the root cause of all this injustice, or the love of money, as the Bible puts it.

But humanity is at such a stage that it is increasingly insisting on its rights. And those deserving economic justice are being helped by God and us to finally be successful in their valid quest for justice. This is what we have been planning all these decades. We are influencing mortals all over the world, so that when these dramatic events occur (and some of them will be political), the way will be clear to implement this agenda of justice.

I know you don’t see how this is objectively possible. But, as you well know, no one could have predicted in 1940 that Hitler would ultimately destroy himself by failing to invade England, and by attacking the Soviet Union.

No, success or failure is completely influenced by choices that leaders make, and we are influencing leaders to do those things that will result in the success of our efforts.

In this endeavor, there are countless spirits involved. Some of these spirits are not Celestials; they have a strong social consciousness, or have a particular fondness for a certain country or certain individuals.

There is a huge hustle-and-bustle here in the spirit world about all this, and our efforts will be increasingly evident as the world stage becomes filled with humanity struggling toward the triumph of justice, peace, and love.

It is necessary at this point for you to stick to your faith and not wander off into your mind, which will cause you to doubt and disbelieve. Your soul knows that everything I have been saying is simply true, no matter how improbable it may sound. So trust your soul and not your mind. It is more focused on Truth, while your mind is not because it simply cannot see things with the greater depth of your soul.

Peace and justice will surely come, and the forces of darkness will be defeated. After all, these forces are controlled by very weak human beings who have built their foundation on sand, which cannot stand.