Messages 2009

Making Money - 2.

August 21st, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me channel another message about making money, as I see you still lack clarity. Never hesitate to consult us whenever you feel you need our help.

I said in a past channeling that it is the way of earning money that can be immoral, and this is true.

You have just read a magazine article about a bank executive who is now extremely wealthy because he was astute in his decision-making. Is that wrong, you wonder? The article mentions that the public is irate, and this financier is concerned. He feels he should not be penalized for doing what your society has always said is acceptable.

Well, it is true that it is sometimes human nature to be negative toward somebody who has something one wants. But in a deeper sense, the sense of outrage refers to what we have been saying constantly, that the economic system that is in place now is profoundly out of balance, both morally and spiritually. Those who are able to be objective see a tiny minority of people who are extremely wealthy, while so many, many others are struggling.

You have read in today’s newspaper that perhaps this trend is now lessening as a result of the bad economy. So where is the truth?

The truth is that God Loves every single one of His children, and that all people must have the requirements of life, including food, clean water, and clean air.

As was mentioned previously, we Angels are never indifferent to life’s basic material needs, even as we concentrate on the spiritual.

When the material overshadows and obscures the spiritual, sin is at the door.

To get back to making money, there is a mentality that places material wealth above everything else. Once this mentality is adopted, it becomes very difficult for the soul to exercise its proper function in guiding that person through the difficulties and temptations of life.

But you will see that events will continue to support what we have been saying in this regard.

You are wondering what I think of a person who has amassed wealth singlemindedly, and then gives a lot of it away in worthy causes and philanthropy.

My response is that everything is based on the individual disposition of the soul. There have been some who have done this out of pure altruism, and others have done so because they felt guilty for the things they did to get rich.

It would be profitable to peruse the literature of your country. Writers have been keenly interested in this subject. They have understood that it is a complex subject, determined by the complexities of the human soul.

For me to say that being rich is sinful, would be ridiculous and unfair. Many children become extremely wealthy simply because their rich parent dies and leaves the wealth as inheritance. Obviously, the child had nothing to do with this acquired wealth.

In your readings, you are well acquainted with the character of Charles Darnay in Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. This is an example of a privileged person who nevertheless is devoted to the cause of the people. Mr. Dickens was alert and saw people as they were, and he knew that his portrayal of this hero was not outside of the realm of possibility.

I mentioned this because you are a lover of literature, and because you know that writers generally are very aware of the complexities and profundity of human nature.

What I am trying to say is that each person is unique, and makes all sorts of choices with his or her material wealth, and with everything else.

I am saying that there obviously have been privileged people who did not behave in a selfish way, and then there are those who have. And there are all sorts of variations and complexities in between.

But it is an accurate generalization to say, as I did earlier in this channeling, that the economic system in place is out of balance. It does not do what it should, that is, provide the general population with what is needed. Many have sincerely felt it would, but that is not the current reality at all.