Messages 2004

The Path I Took.

February 12th, 2004

Received by PJR

New York City


I am here to write your friend and teacher, Jesus.

And why shouldn’t I write to you? How could I not respond to such warm and tender feelings of love and appreciation? These feelings I get - not only from you but also from so many others - underscores to me just how right, the path I took in my mortal life on earth and how much it was worth it - the things I forsook when a young man.

Of course you know, as I can plainly see your thoughts, how markedly different my life choices were from what was expected of me. And you are correct; it was in my nature to have many other interests (as you do) that would have been so enjoyable (and less fraught with danger) to have diverted my life to. But the call of the Father was so strong, and the flow of His Love through my being was so uplifting and certain that, in the course of my adulthood, it became very apparent what my chosen direction would be. Of course I hesitated for a long while, uncertain of exactly what to do and when to embark on my quest. But, as you can imagine - as it has happened to you…

[In a very small way.]

But it has happened: the Love kept growing, taking me beyond my lingering doubts. And when I reached the physical and mental maturity you achieve as a man around that time in your life - yes, about thirty - I finally felt strong enough to act, irrespective of what ever the consequences might be, and needed, waited, only for whatever the trigger might be that would tell me it was the right time to set off on my - the word you used was - quest.

Everyone else would use the word “mission.” But you are 100% correct in concluding that - while for the whole world and all of future mankind, it was a mission - for me, being at the center of this mission and the one this mission would radiate from, oh yes, it seemed very much like a quest.

How few there are who penetrate the totality of what I did, and went through, to perceive how it looked from my own personal viewpoint…

[And worth it.]

The quest - my quest: you could say it ended when I opened up the doors to the Celestial Heavens, which was something new under the sun. No, I am not going to get specific as to just when that moment was. More proper to think of it as a period of time in my life, and quest, the end of which saw our Celestial Heavens initially occupied by myself and friends. And you can think of the quest as ending there at that point. And you can think of that as the start of the quest, for it is both.

This quest is both starting today and ending today. It carries on each day and there has been no day in the Universe of Creation when this quest has not been beginning and ending and in progress, for it is going ever on and always has been. It will go on until fulfilled. And it exists for each of God’s creation.

That anyone should find out about this quest from within it is marvelous. Should any one join me, they will arrive and thereafter be always arriving.

So here in this message, my invitation to you-to join me on my quest, and make it your quest too. It will take you where you know not of right now, but you already know of its destination deep in your soul. And while all of this may fit uncomfortably in a mortal life - at best - the quest is as real as your soul: as real as you are a soul-being and know of yourself as the soul-being you were created to be. Well, yes, upon which your mortal life: you have had superimposed upon you in animal form. As you see, there is more to the quest than meets the eye.

But you can join me every day and when you do: join me as a being - a soul-being - and by so, you will find another joining me as a soul-being as well, for also on this quest is the Father. And our quest starts every day, and it has always been going on. And it is a quest for the soul: those souls who are soul-beings. And if it does not seem to fit a mortal life, it is a soul quest: the real you. So of course it does not fit. But you can make it fitting. You have the Father and you can have as much of Him as you desire.

[I still have to pay the rent.]

After you have the Father, and Him within you, the other things of a mortal life: they resolve in the harmony that His Love brings.

Yes, I know at times this all seems impossible. But remember you can join the quest every day. It is for you. You are not for it. The Father has all He needs and desires only to share it and Himself with you.

There is no need to rush. You can pay the rent first. But the quest is alive and you are calling it more and more. You need not take it up alone. You have many friends in it that can help, and be helped.

So pray to the Father for His Love: that it be a part of you and therefore you a part of Him. Turn your desire for this to Him at any hour on any day. And every, and every. And this quest will take you up continuously and you will eventually be really you and not the mortal.

Do not rush, as there is no rushing, as there is no time. But your desire, in harmony with His desire, will lead you on your way and your mortal life may follow.

It pleases me to no end that you have discovered my quest and that you will let me tell you about it. I am with you often and will come to you again. As you pick up the quest, it will pick up you.

Go about your day and make it a wonderful one. It’s a wonderful one for me. Reflect on these things and let them sink deep in to you, that of you as soul, and let them surface in your life. The harmony of the Father will light.

You have not lost it; you have just been in a trial too much to let yourself go and just write whatever I give you. But today you have your love for me spilled over from yesterday, and I love you too. As I am of the Father, so are you: and in your own way, as I in mine.

Leaving you now, reluctantly I go, but your mortal life is on a train to work and that in service to the Father. You can make it part of the quest too.

Until we sit and bend our efforts together again on this or anything else, I am your friend and teacher,


you know of from the Bible