Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Contemporary Channelled Messages - Year 2004


Author Title Date of Message
James The Greater Proportion of Love. January 11th, 2004
Mary Enough is boring. February 4th, 2004
Meera Hope changes reality. February 4th, 2004
Jesus The Path I Took. February 12th, 2004
Meera Importance of duality and limitations. February 19th, 2004
Father Your Attempts to Address Me. March 6th, 2004
Joseph You set the pace. March 23rd, 2004
Jeremiah, Soloman Give of your Essence. April 10th, 2004
Mary The Humble Body. May 15th, 2004
Joseph the Younger Why must people pray for God’s Love? May 27th, 2004
Joseph the Younger What happens to folk who don’t pray for God’s Love? June 3rd, 2004
Archangel Gabriel Jesus’ death and resurrection. June 21st, 2004
Jeremiah, Soloman Go Within July 9th, 2004
Mary Magdalene More on earth-bound spirits. July 19th, 2004
Jeremiah, Soloman, Jesus and others. The Portal August 10th, 2004
Gilgamesh The Ancient Way. August 16th, 2004
Phoduk the Elder Even stone turns to dust. August 24th, 2004
Phoduk the Elder Ancient Secrets. September 2nd, 2004
Sarah Elizabeth Egelburg We meet Sarah. October 11th, 2004
Jeremiah, Soloman Give your Love. October 15th, 2004
Jeremiah, Soloman Love Instigating Changes. October 28th, 2004
Mary Where on earth IS the spirit world? October 31st, 2004
Mary A mother’s love. December 11th, 2004
Matthew, Andrew Message of Hope. December 15th, 2004
John, Jesus The Equality of God’s Love December 17th, 2004
John, Mary The Soul’s Sight (continued). December 27th, 2004