New birth

Messages 2004

Your Attempts to Address Me.

March 6th, 2004

Received by PJR

New York City


Father, I am dissatisfied in my ability to pray to you for the gift of your Love, PJR.


You do not have to worry that I am inattentive to your attempts to address me with sufficient desire for the bestowal upon you of My Love.


[A Celestial guardian steps in to interpret further:1]

Even the weakest, little cry in the woods is sufficient to capture His notice and garner His response. That you think of Him at all stems from a desire you have. And desire becomes the agent of His interruption by, and awareness of you. A long period of meditation is not necessary to get your desire across to Him. While extended moments or hours of meditation will do you much good, that is not a mandatory requirement for getting through to Him on the subject of His Love. It takes but only the desire in your heart, as amorphous and unformed as it may be, and He will initiate His response.

Of course the more intense your desire, the more intense His response. But the intensity of your desire - and the concomitant nature of His response - is not of the utmost importance. First and foremost is, once again, that you turn your regard to Him at all, for that is the first step without which no other step can occur.

Remember, our Father is not bound by time. And while he knows all about time - having been its creator - it isn’t time that monitors and regulates His action. In other words you are attempting to contact and even influence a being that does not, in His essence, exist within the stream of time that your own consciousness occupies. So any response to your seemingly unsuccessful attempts at impinging upon Him with your prayers, may not arrive in a time and manner you may expect, or even perceive.

His response is instantaneous in His own time. It is only a matter of your having Faith in Him to respond that will lift you past the threshold where you notice He has heard and His specific response, whatever that might be, is forthcoming. And while His response is instantaneous in His time, if you are looking at, and aware of, only your time, you may miss what He is doing in His, and so wonder if you have even been heard that all.

That’s right: you will be happier and do better if you will also bring Faith into your desire, when asking Him to bestow His Love - more of it. It is Faith you might have and bring into prayer: Faith that He, indeed, hears your little voice, lost in the vast ocean of the universe. Bring Faith and His favorable response to your supplication is assured.

If it makes you feel better and helps to have more Faith in Him, I will say - for it is true - that when you turn to Him in prayer I will “tap Him on the shoulder” (to speak in earth terms) so that you may be assured of His noticing you. And if knowing this results in an increase in your Faith (knowing that I am there to bolster your attraction of Him by lifting up my desire and adding it to yours) then that is what we shall do.

It is not disingenuous to want and be told of my help, assisting you when you pray. After all, prayer is asking for help. And what is needing and having faith in the assistance you get while you are asking for help, but simply another manifestation of your asking for help? - which is the whole point of your prayers is it not? some of them at least…

[…or most of them…]

Except for those you offer to Him that say, “Thank you” and the others that say, “Hey, look at this in the world you’ve created,” what are prayers for but help?

[Well, perhaps also to inquire as to what help He would need.]

So you may, and so you shall. All of these communications with the Father bring you closer to Him, and when the closeness reaches at-onement, you will have achieved another of your many goals - and His too.

[The Father continues:]

So you see, now, how you may pray, and that more effectively.

It pleases me you have asked about your prayers because I have seen so clearly how dissatisfied you are with your performance in them.

There is nothing in my whole Universe that you are banned from knowing, if you are capable of knowing it. I made it to share fully. It is for you to use in finding your way or route to knowing what you want to know. How could I make it possible for you to attempt and accomplish that if I did not also have a Universe and give you a life in it, with which to make your attempt?

So, there is your “Why”. That “Why” is so simple. You have asked me over and over, and now you know “Why.” It merely requires for you to understand and believe that this may be true - what I am trying to accomplish.

You are so correct: When you more and more appreciate Me, you will closer and closer approach the answers you forever pester me to give you.

Don’t be afraid to get your answers. There are plenty more answers past the ones you were looking for up to now. And these answers I drop like crumbs on a trail you may follow if you desire - to find your way to me, which you are free to do if you so choose. I would like that.

You know who I am,

who has written this morning,

and so do I.

With my love and yours,



1 Comment by PJR: Needless to say I was more than just a little surprised to get such a clear and direct reply to my clear and direct approach. Perhaps the Father could have continued on, “speaking” directly to me, in the first person. But someone was nice enough to step in and rescue the situation, after seeing how bewildered I suddenly became. I have always assumed any communication directly from Him would not be with words or even thoughts, but would come in the form modulated desire and intention delivered Soul to soul. I further assumed any words I may write down would, of necessity, be only the result of my interpretation of Him and, therefore, not really directly from Him. This experience has shaken that assumption, which still, nevertheless, remains neither substantiated nor disproven.

Comment by Geoff. At this point in history there was a very strong belief amongst long-time followers of the Padgett Messages that Father could not talk to us directly. To some extent that still exists today although many have had this experience personally, yet fear to share with others. I am led to believe that somewhere there is a passage or sentance that could be so construed. This subject was later covered in some depth in numerous messages which are summarised here.