Messages 2004

The Humble Body.

May 15, 2004

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


I am here – I am your guardian and friend Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your sister in Christ. I am happy for this opportunity to come and write down a few thoughts that may help you. I want to say, my dear one, that I love you and I have not been far from your side during this time of growth and change, for change is what you have been going through on the deepest levels.

I would like to speak about the mystery of the human soul as it evolves in its transformation from the mortal into the immortal. I use the word mystery because there seems to be no visible measure of the changes that come about as a result of this transformation, but upon closer investigation one could see that change is happening for the better. As your soul becomes aware of its relationship to God, you begin to develop a real connection to the nature of Divine Love that is His Substance. This divine nature, although unique to the Soul of God and His created children, is compliant with the Spirit of Love that is present in all creation, material and spiritual. This is an important factor in the process of transformation because it is through the material that Divine Love is manifested. Here we stand as the living testimony of God’s greatest handiwork – the art of His Loving Hand.

As the human soul embarks on this divine journey its spiritual life is evidenced in the material, which complies with the higher law of Love as it begins to change the substance of the soul – the true human self. At this time the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature each become acutely aware of a greater potential to “be all it can be.” This may explain why you cannot return to an old life and that this “new information” can never be forgotten; there now exists a synchronicity that finds you breathing deeper, stretching farther, dreaming higher.

Now you have the humble body, messenger of manifest love, the angel of your being love. Watch closely as you become more aware of your energy – how you spend your thoughts, how you move through your day, what you do with your hands. The honor you have for this vehicle of your soul as you become the love shows in your integrity, your honesty and respect for yourself and others.

In transformation we become the handiwork of God, and this pleases Him. And our greatest reward is in turning our own angelic and loving gaze upon our brothers and sisters, fellow children of a beloved Creator, to become the example of a fulfilled life. The person you meet may not understand why he feels so good around you, but it is an unmistakable and true feeling. It is no less than the fulfillment of a human being’s greatest potential standing before his very eyes. Do not underestimate the power of your presence. You are love, of this you can have no doubt – it is the whole purpose of your creation.

I am your guardian and you are my beloved friend, Mary.