Messages 2004

The Portal.

August 10th, 2004

New York

Received by C.C.


Dear cc,

Thank you for responding to our nudges. This is an opportune time to express our thoughts, do you agree? (yes).

Dear children of time,

We come to you today with our love and devotion. We realize the adventure that is before you and we wish to inspire in you strength and fervor. Do not be surprised by the difficulties that assail you for change must take place if you are to become better examples of God’s Love. Know that it is not only we that ask you to exemplify the love that is bestowed in your souls, but also, it is your very own souls that are crying out for these changes to take place. It is your soul desires and aspirations that are effecting these changes. You are the one’s that call the laws into action; it is your will and intentions that play the strings to your destiny.

Your pain and confusion comes from your wanting to keep the status quo. It is your physical natures that are causing uneasiness to the changes at hand. Your spiritual natures are ready to move forward but your counterparts have a difficult time with releasing the control, which they’ve had all along. And so it is wise to pray to integrate the (spiritual) Love with your material existence.

We want you to know that between these dual natures is a “door” or a “portal” if you will, that you must open. As your love opens this door wider and wider, you will see more of your true self. As the “portal” widens, more of your spiritual nature gets thru. Learn to manifest your light in the mortal world. Your light will shine and have a greater effect on your surroundings. You are very powerful indeed. That is why we suggest to you to go within. Learn to know who you are and begin to materialize your soul qualities, your spiritual potential. This is how you will experience faith and live your own personal truths.

Realize that you are a spiritual entity first and a mortal using a finite and limited vehicle for the time being, second. It is your descent into coarser matter that has blinded you of your true nature and potential. There is a world, unlike your physical world, that you are a part of and live in, and it can become part of your consciousness when the door is opened. There is a larger part of yourself that is unfamiliar to you. When you look in the mirror, you only see a glimpse of your total being. Open the portal and see the vast universe that you live in. See how little of yourself is known and enabled to come thru to your world. You are a wonderful creation indeed.

Pray-dear children, the Father does listen. You are loved beyond comprehension. We are by your sides always. We love you and shall speak to you again. God bless you.

Your Guardians,

Jeremiah and Solomon


I am your friend and brother Jesus, if I may add a few words about your discussions on “purpose”. When I walked the earth 2000 years ago, I also considered my purpose. And what I learned, I will now say to you.

Each one of you is the “purpose”. Each soul is a unique, individual, expression of love. There is no other purpose to define or to describe. You are trying to identify with something outside of yourselves. There is no need for this. You are the purpose. Get closer to God and His Love and then will you see yourself and the “purpose”.

We love you younger brethren, we are with you always and we sign ourselves,

Jesus, Mary Magdalene, John, Mary, Joseph, Paul, Luke, Peter, Andrew, John Mark, Daniel, Moses, Sarah (great, great grandmother) and many others.