Messages 2004

Why must people pray for God’s Love?

May 27th, 2004


Received by R.L.


It is I, Joseph. (Joseph the Younger)

What would you like to ask? No, we will not discuss the closing of the heavens. That is too remote and for now we will give it a wide berth, we will avoid it.

Do you wish to ask more about the eucharist? Or what topic?


R: Why must people pray for God’s love to come into their souls, when God’s love is already in their souls and they simply need to recognize it? 1


Joseph: That is an excellent question. It is true that God’s love is already in each soul and that God loves each soul. At the same time, the proper attitude of human beings to God is to bow your head and pray, to bend your knee and pray, and to ask forgiveness for sins and for being separate, and to ask to be united with God. It is the nature of human beings to be separate from God, this is inevitable. People are made in such a way that part of human nature is a constant tendency to separate from God. Yet, although this is a natural part of how we are created, we must ask forgiveness for this separateness and all the mistaken things we do out of being separate. Asking forgiveness and praying for His love is the proper way to approach God. Even when we become unified with God, still we remain to some extent separate, like a transparent shell that remains separate even though the inside is unified. The unification or joining with God’s love, this comes from God. It must come from God-it cannot come from any effort or striving of man. It must come from outside man-by definition it cannot come from within man’s intellect or be of his invention. It is done by God. Therefore all that a human being can do is pray and supplicate to God for His love.

Yes, you have heard it well. It is not perfectly expressed, but it is close and the main points are there. We can work on this again at another time. It is a good start.

Please continue to care for your health and rest.

R: Thank you.

Joseph: About historical details: when they are given, it is usually for a purpose. The spirit has a larger meaning to convey, and tells the historical story to get around to the point or to illustrate the point. Sometimes it is by way of introduction or to introduce himself, as I did with you, or to establish a common ground or reference point. We are mainly interested in helping the spiritual condition of mankind. That is the purpose of our communication.

Thank you for your efforts. Although it may at times seem lonely, they will have their own rewards and already do.

R: It is the greatest privilege.

J: The faithful housewoman can be a good listener. All the work you must manage. People underestimate women. More later-time for you to sleep. I return to the celestial realm and bid you adieu for now. (With a big smile and a wave.)

R: Thank you again.


1 This is not what the Padgett Messages teach. But it is a widely held belief. It is my perception that the answer here is also corrupted with this belief, and Joseph had some difficulty negotiating that belief in order to make his point. Jesus made the same point using the phrase “The stream can rise no higher than its source”. G.J.C.