Messages 2004

Go Within.

July 9th, 2004

New York

Received by C.C.


Hello cc. If you feel that you are ready we will speak? We see that you are. We love you too. You have been preparing well to receive our messages again. But we will add that you have been ready all along.

Dear children of earth. The light that you are shines and grows. How beautiful to see. Beautiful colors are surrounding you, bright greens, pinks, blues and gold. This is an indication of your development. Your souls are growing, changing, progressing. We hold you with so much love. Your dedication to the truth is highly regarded. You are well known in our realms. Many are so happy to join you in your work. Your efforts are the petals to a flower waiting to bloom and in the flowering is the joy that will touch many hearts. There are many seeking children and the Father is bringing them to you. You are our lovely soldiers of love. And we march with you to all your battles.

Many gifts are being bestowed upon you. Receive them with joy. Let your eyes look to the skies and know that you are loved beyond your imagination. We come to encourage you and to remind you that we are with you. If you could just feel for a moment and let your love open the doorway to our presence, you would feel our arms around you and our tears of joy would fall on you and then would you know that we are always with you.

When you are praying, working, playing, reading, contemplating or singing we are there. Right before you close your eyes at night we kiss you and when you awake we hold your hands and start your day once again. We wonder why you feel alone at times when there are so many of us around and why it is that you experience sadness when beauty is in your hearts. But you place such unreasonable burdens on your selves. This is familiar ground to you, we think. Is it possible to love your selves a little more? We think so. Be at peace younger ones, be at peace. Fight your struggles with a quiet mind. Take a deep breath and let the heaviness fall away.

Many of you have been wondering why mediums have not channeled “higher truths” and we will say to you that many of you have been receiving them thru your own experiences. Sometimes truth needs to be lived in order to understand it. In time you will learn to express it. We have found that lofty statements of truth tend to fall on the mind, more often than not, and not in the heart. And after a while these statements of truth are turned into dogma instead of a living essence to be lived thru the human soul. We do not want truth to be conveyed thru structured and numbered symbols but we would prefer a gentle soul, living the essence of truth thru their interactions with others and manifesting their love and compassion thru their activities. The Father writes the Truth in your souls, where it takes root and grows in proper ground. Seek the truth you hunger for in your souls.

Go within and grow in knowing who you are. The Father will help you and guide you. He knows your needs. Feel the peace that is available to you. Keep learning to go within. We will help you. At first you wonder what it will be like. But let go of this. Have no expectations. What will be will be. Just know that the Love is waiting and then there will be guidance. Don’t create blocks with expectations, instead give trust. In the process are many adventures. Some hold meanings and some are to be incomplete for you. But accept all. Learn to be. Learn to be still. Learn to listen. Let go of your control. Focus on Love.

Picture the seagull when it first takes flight. At first it flaps its wings with grave effort for the required lift. It then must adjust to the many air currents as it ascends, the wind pulling and pushing in many directions. The seagull is patient in its upward climb, knowing and trusting that the right wind will lift it higher still. In continuing its climb, it places less effort on its wings. The seagull knows and trusts the air and its currents. Then, it finds itself above the clouds, effortlessly gliding, aligning itself to the will of the winds. It matters not the direction of these winds because at this height the winds and the seagull are one in purpose and direction.

And so dear children, learn to fly and let go. The laws will help your climb; its currents will take you to a place that awaits you. Go within and begin by flapping your wings and trust God and His Love to guide you.

We love you younger brethren,

Jeremiah and Solomon