Messages 2004

Give your Love.

October 15th, 2004

New York

Received by C.C. 


Dear cc, we are happy to be in rapport with you again. It has been a while in terms of mortal time since we have expressed our thoughts through you. Nevertheless we are together now in love and joy. You wonder what we will speak of today? What words we may have for our younger brothers and sisters that we love so much?

Let us see what your love is capable of receiving. God is with all and He is very near to all in spirit. He is everywhere in the sense that He knows of every moment of existence in the universe. There is nothing that can escape His notice. He could never fail to notice His children at any given moment. His Love is great for all of His creations, especially those creations that are souls.

It is often puzzling to observe doubt in our younger family when their cries go out to God. He hears all of your prayers and He never tires. It brings so much joy to Him when His children call to Him. But why do they doubt that He hears them? Believe that He listens, for He cannot do otherwise, His love is too great. If you would believe that He does respond to your prayers, you would be able to perceive His responses.

What must be practiced is to see His workings on a “higher level of consciousness”. You must begin to see and measure things on a spiritual level. These spiritual manifestations are very real indeed, more so than the physical. One only needs to remove the veil from one’s eyes. You must realize that changes must come on the spiritual plane first and then on the material. For material manifestations are only as good as their spiritual counterparts.

Your spiritual eyes need to be opened and this can only come about thru love. Yes, love! Love is the cause of all that is true, real and everlasting. To give of your love will enable you to perceive more of your true self. There is much to learn about your true self and the life that surrounds your immediate being. There is a grand universe before you and it waits for your love to reveal it.

When you give your love, there are a great number of laws called into operation. And this brings you nearer to God in love and devotion. Giving of your love brings an unfoldment of your soul and its qualities, qualities that bring keener perceptions of spiritual existences. Giving of your love develops your soul in ways you cannot imagine. Your encrustments fall away, error and untruth disappears and faith and trust become more palpable.

Giving your love will heal you. Giving your love will teach you. Giving your love will make you strong in spirit and will teach you what truth is. Truth is neither what your beliefs are nor your accumulation of knowledge of things that you have read. Truth is a living force that radiates from the depths of your soul when love is active in the human soul. Yes, you can read about truth and create your beliefs based on your acquirement of information but he who gives of his love is in possession of the truth to the extent that he gives of himself (love).

Beliefs are perceptions, perceptions that an individual mind/s has reasoned and are valid and effective to the extent that they are founded by the application and possession of love. Truth cannot be based on individual perception. Truth is universal in nature and cannot compromise itself to any one perception. Truth is a force and attribute of the soul that is filled with love.

And children, the greatest gift that giving of your love will bring is the inflowing of God’s Nature of Love. This is the Greatest Prize, to receive the Substance and Qualities of God’s Divine Love. We say this because when you give of your love, God opens your souls and your aspirations will call His Holy Spirit into your souls.

Giving of your love takes on many forms and here we will leave you to ponder this and if need be we will give examples of the many forms it can take.

We love you and are with you always-dear children. We pray that the Father’s Love fill you and inspire you to give your love to all of your brothers and sisters.

We are your Guardians,

Jeremiah and Solomon