Messages 2004

Message of Hope.

December 15, 2004

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


We are here to write and come with our Love extended to all God’s children. As you see, you are grateful for the wake-up call, even if it seems to cause unrest or disturbance among the ranks. Nothing has changed. You all are still God’s beloved children, progressing toward closer at-Onement with Him, day by day, in answer to your prayers and longings.

As you manifest your love in your thoughts and deeds, you receive Love from God; it has become second nature to you because of your desires to develop your spiritual qualities. There is no need to worry or fret; it is like facing any challenge or “bump in the road” as you like to call the things which seem a bit off-center in your daily activities.

You have learned to be positive and loving, for the most part. These attitudes and desires help in spiritual development. Extending your love in everything you do is another boon to spiritual progress. As you have been learning over the past several decades, each child of God who wants to activate the highest potential of his/her soul needs to go to the Creator and develop a dependence upon This Soul in order to receive the Grace necessary for spiritual growth.

No other person is needed – only God and you. It is an individual matter; as much as I would like to help everyone become a divine soul, I am totally helpless in making this become a reality because each person has to do it for him/herself. You can study mind/soul relationships, you can learn new modalities and ways treating illnesses, you can apply these in your life and learn to grow and change the ways you do things, but you can never receive Divine Love from a Source other than God.

You are on the highest pathway of soul development. You know that it is your desires and intentions which open your souls to truth and Love. And you know that you have strong faith in the power of God and his perfect laws to guide you in an upward direction toward at-Onement with him day-by-day, overcoming your limitations, removing negativities, integrating Love into everything you do.

Does it matter if there are so-called aliens trying to communicate with mortals still in the flesh? Or if they are spirits “playing games?” They attract attention; they intrigue people’s imagination. They generally cause no harm. God’s children have been given free will. They can decide which avenues of study they like to pursue. But if they are intent upon their desire to develop the highest potential of their spiritual capabilities, they need to turn to God in prayer and seek with their hearts for truthful answers for their inner quest.

Keep up your sincere longings to develop a closer relationship with your Loving Creator. Know in your hearts with unwavering faith that your prayers are always answered, even in times when you weren’t aware that the answer had been forthcoming. Keep taking your Baby Steps, even when it seems as if they are not moving you forward, for they truly are. Keep having faith in the process, it is still the same and will continue to be. You know that in order to feel the love in your soul more deeply, you only need to extend it to others and to your tasks and projects more fully.

Thank you for being willing to channel our thoughts; you can feel our love and you know these thoughts are coming from outside of your own mind. We love all of our Father’s children and attempt to encourage them in all ways we are able. “To thine own self be true.” Love God and have faith in his Love for you and your life will continue to unfold in beautiful and harmonious ways.

I am your friend and brother in the Spirit of God’s Love made manifest in my soul, and one of your guardians who loves you. Matthew, along with Andrew and other Celestial angels.