Messages 2004

More on earth-bound spirits.

July 19th, 2004


Received by R.L.


Mary: You see, we are very pragmatic about spirits. Rather than exorcise them one by one, it is usually quite effective for the subject to engage in prayer, heartfelt prayer to the Father. It is a little-known fact that when sincere supplicants gather in a church and are all praying together, their auras rub together and self-clean. The extraneous spirits or attached spirits rub off by contact in that environment and are expelled. Most people don’t know that and in fact they don’t need to know that. Thus I say we are pragmatic - we seek the most direct way to help the most number of people, which is indeed through prayer and through turning your mind toward the Light.

Now on the subject of Light, to the extent that beings have self-realized the Father’s Essence within, in the afterlife, the glow increases, so that some are quite bright, extremely bright even, and some just glow a bit. So it is safe to tell a wayward spirit to head for the Light, because they will simply go towards a higher plane and be dealt with by expert and skilled hands there - to the extent that spiritual beings have hands, which is a whole other discussion of its own.

It is time for you to go to work, and you have set down the essence of the discussion here, and we can take up this topic again at a future time. You are right I am Mary the Magdalene, your servant. Go through your day with my love and with love for others, being loving towards others. I will return.