Messages 2004

Importance of duality and limitations.

19th Feb, 2004.

Schoten, Belgium.

Received by W.V.


I am here , Meera, and I am happy you enjoy my company so much.

Worldly things are important to our spiritual growth, since our spiritual path truly begins here in this material world. It is not because you cannot see the importance of it, that there is none.

Do you think God would create something of no importance - no meaning? Of course not! So why doubt the importance of life here on earth?

On this earth it is important to learn how to use soul over matter, because it is soul that has control. Now, there are several ways someone can control matter, but before I go deeper into that matter, I want you to understand a few other things.

Duality is something people often take to light but it is a very important tool to help people evolve and create balance within. When there is “right” there is “left” too. So to get back to the center after having gone right all the time, you need to go left until you’ve reached the center again.

Returning to our center is the only thing we need, to be better able to evolve to what or where we want to evolve to. It is not possible to evolve out of (off) center. This means that on every evolution you try to make, there needs to be a focus on the center.

If you make progression in a specific area, it means that (at that moment) you are centered in that area, but it doesn’t mean you are centered in other area’s. So to progress means to focus on what you want to achieve because focussing means to center yourself in a specific area.

If progression in a specific area stops, it could mean that you are no longer centered, but it could also mean that there is something in another area that needs to be centered first. So, staying centered in a specific area could take you to an other area without having to lose focus on what your primary target - area - was.

So you see, it is very important to stay focused on a specific target - area - but it is also very important to stay open to the influences that guide you through other area’s to help you to achieve the evolution you are striving for. (Yes, it means focus on the what and not on the how.)

I see you are starting to understand that it is not the target that is that important but that it is the focus that is important: the focus on the what, not on the how (=the duality of focusing and not focusing)! For once you’ve started focusing on a specific area, it will lead you through dozens of other area’s that benefit by it also, because all things are connected and yet they are not!

We will always be there to help you, guide you, so be open to our influences and look at the possibilities you are given to center yourself further and further.

I know matter has its limitations, but that is what makes it so challenging. It “forces” you to learn how to use all your senses and that is a good thing because we have so many more senses than we think and it is important for us to learn how to use all of them.

So you see, limitation is not a negative thing. It is an opportunity to learn to use other ways, other senses. Use your limitations to explore what other tools you have at your disposal to pass those limitations, because there are no true limitations - it is only duality. (Haven’t we said that progress of the soul is unlimited? (smile)

Play with your limitations, because they are not what they seem to be. They are there to help you, not to bother you. When they bother you it means you know inside that they are not truly there but that you are making them yourself because you are not using what you need to use.

I see you truly understand what I am saying and hope you will try to apply it now. Discover what you have neglected till now and you will see all limitations melt away.

I see you wish to end now and respect your decision.

I am your sister who loves you, Meera. Goodbye.