Messages 2004

Give of your Essence.

April 10th, 2004

New York

Received by C.C.


Hello cc. Yes, we are here. Thank you for thinking of us. But, is it possible that maybe you felt us and then you thought of us? Or maybe, we gave you our thoughts that we are here and then you thought of us? Does it matter? (no). What is important is that you feel loved and that we feel your love. Can you imagine how much the Father loves? (no). Well try to imagine, even if it would be but a speckle of a thought, that would be enough. We don’t expect God’s children to have such awareness but we do like to see their effort.

God is Love, God is Light, God is Truth. Now, why do we say this? (I don’t know?) When you seek for His Love, you seek for God. When you seek for His Light, you seek for God. When you seek for Truth, you seek for God. So you see, you have been seeking Him all the while.

When you give your love, you receive God’s Love in return. Why is that? Love is a substance with a powerful and gentle energy. When you give it there remains, as it were, an open space that then fills up again with God’s Love. That is why you feel such joy when you are giving and manifesting your love. Here you are experiencing a new inflowing of, let us say, “fresh Love”. This is when it is intense. Active Love is intense.

Many times you feel the “power”(spiritual joy and strength) leaving you. But that is not because you have been giving of yourself. It is the opposite. When you pass up your opportunities of giving your love, the soul gets burdened with all the “power” of your love. When it is not put to use, it will slowly get covered up with things of the mind, worries of life and things of a physical nature. Do not let your love become stale. Use it cc and gain in joy, gain in peace, gain in knowledge and the many other blessings the Father has provided for His children.

This is why selflessness makes you strong in spirit. This is law. To give is to receive. That is life. This is the light that shines brightly. So give your love, manifest your love. Don’t worry whether it is natural or Divine. Give of your essence. You ask God for Love. He can only give you of His Substance. He cannot give you the created love. You already possess it. So give of yourself, give of your essence.

I am Jeremiah of the Old Testament and a follower of Jesus the Nazarene. And I am your friend and guardian Solomon.