Messages 2004

Even stone turns to dust.

August 24th, 2004.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA,

Received by RL.


I am Phoduk the Elder. I am an ancient scribe. My job was to follow the Pharoah and take down what was dictated to me. For fast writing, we took a stick dipped in water and wrote in the dust. Later, we chiseled it into tablets of stone. This was not as hard as you think, but it took time. All day long, I was bent over my tasks. There were so many words to record, and it took so long to do so. Sometimes my whole face and clothing was covered with dusk. I had to breath the dust. Then I was bent over the tablets for many long hours. I was entirely dedicated to preserving words. The trick was to let the words flow through from ear to hand directly, without thinking about the meaning, in order to go fast enough. You know this trick already I believe. I’m not telling you anything new. Although the position of a scribe was somewhat lowly, the Pharaoh needed me and others like me to turn his great words to stone and give them immortality. Oh, but when I survey the world I see that great, great numbers of them have been lost. Oh woe. Yes, I was an archivist too, and it still throws me into a state of panic to see so many lost. Only a tiny fraction remain. Even stone can turn to dust. So you see, you must spend your time on soul development. Only soul development lasts forever. You are not perfect as a scribe, as I was nearly perfect, but you have done well. I will return.