Messages 2004

Love Instigating Changes.

October 28th, 2004

New York

Received by C.C.


Hello little brother, we are happy that you are eager to receive a short note from us. It is good for you to practice message taking and communing with us, at every opportunity.

There is a great wave of change approaching you and your spiritual family. Many of you have sensed this and have been preparing. It is good for you to know that there are major shifts coming your way. This allows you to prepare with prayer and humility. It is not important that you know how these changes are to unfold but that God is ever so close to you in love and care. He cares much for His children and will always nourish your souls with spiritual strength and gifts that will help you to align yourself to the coming changes.

We watch and anticipate the changes with joy and happiness. For we see that these changes are to help you to move upward to your next level of understanding, of wisdom, of light and healing, of awareness and perceptions. Love must fulfill itself always and manifest itself thru you. You are well guided believe this!

Look for changes inside of you first. Notice that the way you used to see things are different today. Notice your desires leading you in new directions. Find that the troubling habits of the past are less burdensome and some are no more. See yourself as having more value, see more beauty in yourselves and others. Experience a deeper meaning in your life and find more joy in the many tasks before you. Then look outside of you and see that there are new things in your life. New situations, friends and scenery are just a few to mention. Your lives are truly an adventure.

And while these changes are taking place, We wish to remind you children that the many joys of life is in the giving, giving of your love. Give and never tire of giving. Practice this dear ones, try and try your best. Many wonderful experiences await you when you give. Let your love activate your will and then give freely, give joyfully, give humbly, give with understanding, give with compassion, give with a sincere smile, give with a song and give with gratefulness. There is never a moment without the opportunity to give. So give children, do give; make this your free will choice.

We want you to see God’s Love in your souls as the Great Instigator of your lives. It is the Love that works thru you that performs the wonders. It is the Love that you allow to come thru that will achieve the transforming results. And it is your souls that can master this. Your souls hold the power, the power to manifest God’s Love, God’s Wisdom and Mercy. You are greater than you can comprehend but your love will teach you. Your love can show you your path, your purpose, your individuality and disclose your spiritual world.

So be well dear children, be at peace. Exercise your trust in the Father and let your doubts wither away. Believe in His guidance, believe in His help, and believe in His protection, they are as real as the breath that you take. We love you dearly and are happy to say these few words to you but know that we are constantly gathering in your hearts and you are listening to us. We are happy to inspire you and give you validation in your lives. We leave you with our love and devotion. Call for God’s Love younger brethren.

Jeremiah, Solomon and all of your Guardians