Messages 2007

The Unconscious.

March 22nd, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I come this morning to write about the unconscious. There are several places in the Padgett messages where the reality of the unconscious is denied, but in your channeling of Moses on January 8, 2003 (“Moses in the Desert”), you channeled that Moses had an unconscious desire to reframe his life. You would like to know where the truth is.

Well, what we were refuting in the Padgett channelings is that there exists a completely separate entity in the mind called the unconscious. I know that classical psychiatry considers Freud’s discovery of the unconscious to be very important. But I am repeating what was said through Mr. Padgett, that no, there is no separate reality of an unconscious.

However, there do exist in every human mind thoughts that lie below the surface that a person may not be wholly conscious of. This is what Moses was referring to, the fact that he was being motivated by forces and thoughts that his conscious mind could not grasp. And you know that often in life, you do something and only discover later the true reason, which was hidden from your consciousness.

So, I will say that the word “unconscious” can be correctly used as long as it is describing a thought that exists but not to the conscious mind. And I am refuting, again, the idea that there is a wholly separate division of the mind called the unconscious.

You have the thought, but don’t events in childhood continue to affect adult behavior even in older years? Well yes, of course. But that doesn’t mean that a specific unconscious exists. It simply means that thoughts and memories of long-standing cling to the deep parts of the mind like a shadow, and influence behavior.

So I am affirming that there are thoughts that are deep and hidden, but they can always be accessed with the proper attention. And they do not constitute a separate part of the mind.