Messages 2002

Person behind the curtain.

September 2nd, 2002

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your brother and friend, Jesus of the Bible. I am your teacher, but more important, I am someone who loves you with the Divine Love of God within my soul, for it is this love which God has imparted from the very depths of His Soul that makes me at-one with His eternal nature of love and goodness.

I wish to share with you a message of hope that may bring you comfort in these times when decisions are being made and actions taken, which are against the law of love. There is a host of angels who work tirelessly to bring peace to the earth plane, and I am fervently praying that the conscience of mortals whose responsibility it is to decide the fate of others, provide for the welfare of their comrades, and that love be foremost in their hearts and minds.

When one participates in bringing about the destruction of mortal life, disregarding the well being of others, there is a great influence being exercised over these mortals to account for the effects of their actions, and to realize how their thoughts and desires play a part in the quality of their life. What would make a person want to destroy the life of another, even if indirectly? It is this that we ask of them, and it is helpful when others on earth also ask this question, and defend their right to speak against all acts of violence and warfare.

I see your question of the moral right and wrong of self-defense when that defense results in taking another’s life. I will clarify, again, that such as the law of love is between human souls and the Soul of God, you must clearly understand the life to be defended is the life of the soul, not the physical body.

I realize how difficult it is for a mortal to conceive of the soul’s reality when a loved one is in danger of losing his mortal life, but I would like to suggest that the laws of God operate on levels of which you have no conception. The law of love acts like a larger mechanism that causes harmony to operate constantly in the background of your mortal life and governs not just your few years as a mortal, but continues to operate as you pass into the world of spirit to come to the place of your soul’s habitation.

You may wonder that the laws are “tuned” to the reality of your soul’s condition that has not yet occurred, but I will say that the soul’s awareness and development is something that does not easily change as does the condition of the mind and physical body. The thoughts and desires that comprise the soul’s aspirations are deeply felt and pursued over many years on a level often unrecognized by you while on earth.

When you begin to seek a deeper understanding of your soul nature, and take an honest look at what is your true nature, you will begin to see how your life is a reflection of the desires you hold onto, and the direction your will has taken over the course of years. The soul’s desires and will influence the reason why you would likely find yourself in such a place that your mortal life is in danger.

You ask what occurred at the time of my trial and crucifixion, and I will say that it is because of my awareness of the life of my soul, and that of my brothers and sisters on earth, that I was willing to risk death of my body. I could have forsaken my mission of bringing to light the possibility of receiving the immortal love of God, His gift to His beloved children, but I knew of the greater life that this love promised. Fortunately, most of you live in a place and time that your faith and beliefs do not stand against the laws of society, and your freedom to express your faith is protected by these laws.

The higher laws at work in your daily life operate on many different conditions that exist within you; that is, those conditions that serve your mental and physical interaction to make sense of what you “think” and what you “do.” These laws operate in a continuum so that you live in a somewhat logical progression. But, at a deeper level, your soul condition is the “person behind the curtain,” so to speak, who pulls the levers and pushes the buttons that cause these images and events to be “projected” onto your earth life. Consider also that in His love, God has provided the means by which you can turn to yet another reality, another “Person behind the curtain” who operates the universe in perfect rhythm and harmony. Such is the wonder of the human will and the gift of Divine Love that awaits the soul who turns toward It.

So, my friends, remember the truth of the eternal and ever-abiding Love of God that permeates your soul and the souls of your earthly and spiritual comrades, and realize this love in your own personal life. Let its peace reign within your mind and body, and make the truth of this love larger than any other image you see. You will begin to feel that harmony humming through you as beautiful music playing the theme song of your life, and the sound of it will fill you forever.

I love you, and I pray for your happiness and well being, for you are my beloved disciples, and I am with you always – your brother in Christ, Jesus.