Messages 2014

When you walk in the light, you walk with me.

May 21st, 2014


Queensland, Australia.

Medium: Al Fike


I am Jesus and I bless each and every one of you in your efforts to receive the Father’s Love within your souls, to walk in light and to be in that light. For when you walk in this light, you walk with me. When you strain and stretch to be with your Heavenly Father you are in that Holy Grace, that Loving Flow, and you do the Father’s Will as you walk in this Light.

I would urge you to gather together my children in prayer, for as you do so you create a great light in this world and I will be with you in your prayers as will many angels accompany you in this effort and in your desire to bring light into this world and the Truth of God’s Love. Come walk with me, I will walk with you and we will pray together for the Father’s great and holy Benediction of Love within your souls.

And great works will we do my children, great works. Through your prayers will come great changes in this world. Many souls will be touched and you are desperately needed in this effort to heal this world that suffers so and hungers so. For God’s Blessing is plentiful, abundant beyond your ability to recognise, greater than the oceans is the Love, greater than the universe is the Love. And it awaits every child who desires this blessing.

I urge you to pray fervently, pray with all your heart and soul and open yourselves to this wondrous blessing that is given freely and abundantly. Your prayers will be answered and the world will be healed. But it will take a great effort, a great effort. Are you willing? Will you step forward and walk with me and follow God’s Will to heal this world of all the terrible deprivation, the unloving and cruelty that is so prevalent? It is time, it is time, to walk in this world in love and share the truth of love, for it is love that will heal this world and bring it to harmony and balance. Each and every soul is required in this mighty effort and each and every soul has a role to play, gifts to give. Let go of your resistance, let go of your resistance, let go of your doubt and allow God to touch you deeply and to move you forward in the flow of His Love and I will be with you. I will be with you always.

May God Bless you with a mighty inflowing of His Divine Essence and carry you to that place of deep communion where we will meet and share in this heavenly gift. God Bless you.