Messages 2007

Channeling about War.

March 26th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Do not doubt your channeling ability. You channeled the various messages about war correctly. I know it’s very hard for you to understand, but it is a truth that those who engage in war are compensated based on their motives.

The case of Abraham Lincoln perplexes you the most. You know that war is not approved by God and the Celestial Kingdom. President Lincoln was involved with the greatest bloodbath America had yet seen, and he was the Commander-in-Chief.

Well, the truth of the matter is that he did in fact suffer somewhat. He did. But he also realized that he had a Divine appointment to save his country. He knew this consciously on Earth.

But, as your church colleague said, violence is never justified in God’s eyes. So how can Lincoln and George Washington be heroes? Shouldn’t they be condemned along with all the warmongers of history?

Well, the truth is that President Washington did suffer somewhat also. He had certain incidents on his conscience.

I know you feel that this channeling is being influenced by your patriotism. You, like most Americans, revere these two leaders. The more people have gotten to know them, the more they have had cause for admiration and pride. You feel this channeling is “soft” on these two American icons because you revere them as well.

And yet you are aware that General Washington had horses shot out from under him, and he remain unharmed. And a soldier aimed a gun at him at pointblank range, but did not fire. So you know from all this that some sort of Divine protection was involved.

Now, you have the thought, did President Lincoln’s activity in the Civil War attract his assassination?

God considers the whole situation. Yes, war is wrong. Killing is wrong. But those who participate in war do so for all sorts of motives, which in turn affect the way they are compensated. This has been the theme of your channelings, that God looks at the heart.

There have been many, many people in history who have felt that killing in war has been completely justified because the motive was purely to create a better world. There was the Resistance in World War II, for example. People felt that the Nazis had to be opposed at all costs, and the more Nazis killed, the better, for the sake of the cause.

I know all this is confusing for you. I will come again and elaborate. But know that your mediumship has progressed to the point that you are incapable of not receiving our thoughts accurately. You have been practicing and polishing it for ten years, and recently, your soul has advanced, so the combination of much practice and increased soul development has only sharpened your channeling expertise.