Messages 2010

Clarification Regarding Barack Obama.

February 23rd, 2010

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I said in my channeling of January 24, 2009, entitled, “The Coming of Peace,”:

“I see your thought, and it is a true one: the election of Barack Obama as President was most improbable, and yet it did occur.”

Since that day, your perceptions about the president have been considerably altered, and you now doubt the truth of what was channeled. So let me explain. I was simply referring to the fact that his early life was not one of privilege. That was something you were very conscious of at the time as well. It was one of the main reasons why you were so excited about his election.

We have known about all the backroom dealings and secret plans long before they were even discussed. I will say, though, that the President does have many sincere qualities in his soul. As you work through your disappointments, and as your soul progresses, you will perceive more and more clearly the details of your coming mission, and as that comes into closer and closer focus, many things that have troubled you will trouble you no longer.

There is indeed a Divine plan unfolding, but it is accompanied by resistance, because that is the nature of the process - with greater possibility of light comes a greater force of darkness. As time goes by, this will all become increasingly clearer. We can only meet you where you are. But since you are progressive, that means that we can communicate truth more sharply to you as time goes by.

So don’t doubt your channeling gift, and don’t doubt that we are right beside you to guide and protect.