Messages 2010

Support for the Medium.

October 14, 2010

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me address your concern. You take the messages of spirits accurately and well. It is for this reason that you were selected for this important task. It has not been the purpose of the spirits generally to channel always new, groundbreaking truths. They have come to you to talk of their lives. Their audience is the general public.

In your wide readings, you have attracted these spirits. If what they choose to say about their life harmonizes with what the various biographers have written about them, it simply means that these biographers have faithfully mirrored the lives of their subjects. You live in a very rich age of scholarship, as you are aware, and contrary to appearances. And so, God has provided for you these books so you can form a rapport with these spirits, and thus fulfill your mediumship task.

You are aware that your series of channelings regarding Moses, Aman the first parent, other first family members, and Shakespeare, have as their purpose revealing new truths never before known about them. And others will be added to this list. But whatever comes forth from your pen, please know that that is exactly what they wish to say. If some things reflect common sense, then the spirit wished to invoke common sense to appeal to the understanding of those who may read these channelings.

So put your concern to rest and have confidence in this gift God has given you. I will add that the messages you channeled from me about my view of politics and economics, were also truly channeled.

But in the course of over five hundred channelings you’ve received, there have indeed been new revelations, as in regard to Robert Kennedy. You have faithfully submitted to their will when you sat for their messages, and they are grateful. Don’t let adverse criticism deflect your purpose. Your job is to transmit their thoughts accurately, and this you have done.

So you can understand that for certain spirits, such as Shakespeare, it was necessary to break new ground, since he is so important for humanity, and there has always been a keen interest in his life, particularly in regard to many mysteries of his Earth life, which your channelings have answered. You will be called upon to channel other spirits who like Shakespeare are important to history. For example, you know that at the appropriate time, you will do a series of channelings from King Arthur, who was indeed a real person.

By the time your time has come, you will have accomplished everything God has ordained in terms of taking the messages of spirits, and they will express their gratitude to you when you meet them in the spirit world.