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Why did Jesus come here?

Of course the Orthodox Christian Churches have their answer to this question - and it is that Jesus died for our sins. However not only is that an affront to reason, its an affront to any loving Creator that He be considered so horrid and unloving that He would require such a thing. It is even more curious when you realise that by the time of Jesus’ arrival here, the Jews themselves had long given up human sacrifice, and were only sacrificing animals. So it should not be said that the Old Testament required such a thing. So if you have dispensed with that obnoxious dogma, you may be wondering if there is anything at all that happened as a result of Jesus coming to earth. Because if there was nothing special, he becomes simply yet another prophet and holy man, which is what Islam would have us believe.

However James Padgett received the information that there was something very important that happened, and that this happened directly as a result of Jesus coming here. And that Jesus himself knew about this, and it was the subject of the first public teaching he gave in the Temple. Sadly it is impossible to find clear support for this in the Bible. But there is this famous phrase, the teaching of Nicodemus:

John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

But when you ask orthodox Christian teachers what that means, you will get very different answers. And you will almost certainly conclude they really don’t know. But the explanation actually goes back to the time of Adam and Eve, where we may read that they “died” but again there is no clear answer as to what really occurred. But in fact they died spiritually, as they no longer had available the means by which we may reach Father’s Celestial Kingdom. But from the messages received by James Padgett we now know that the availability of the Father’s Divine Love was removed at the time of Adam and Eve, and returned with Jesus. And that this teaching of Nicodemus is referring to the need to be reborn of spirit via the agency of the Holy Spirit delivering the Divine Love of the Father into the soul of a mortal who yearns for that Love. And like the gestation of any foetus, it takes time to achieve. We understand that Jesus himself took 33 years to achieve this, which finally occurred at the time of his baptism by John the Baptist.

So Jesus came here to make available once again the Divine Love of Father, so that His children could grow into divine eternal beings. The Love is free, but it takes conscious effort and the application of Free Will by the mortal to be transformed into an eternal spirit being.

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