Messages 2002

The start of Jesus’ public Ministry.

January 2nd, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


What a surprise! I am here again!

Well, my dear brother, you have enjoyed some days off and you have strengthened your physique with ham and turkey [Judas laughs]. I think the moment has come to again take up our task with vigor and determination.

Did you know that Jewish liturgy is quite a rigid matter? What I mean is that the Jews divide the whole Torah, the books of Moses, into 54 parts, one part for each week of the year, and every week one of these chapters is recited, or rather, chanted. All this happens in a firmly established order, not at random, an order which has been followed for thousands of years.

Each Torah reading is accompanied by a reading from the books of the prophets, in the same manner in a preset succession, without any variation.

In the Hebrew month of Tishri, which usually corresponds to the month of October, the reading cycle finishes, and soon after, they proceed again to the first part of the book of Genesis, from the creation until the story of Noah. This procedure has already been described in a message through Dr. Samuels, where the day Simkhat Torah is mentioned, which literally means “Rejoicing of the Law.” Around this day the cycle of readings ends and is renewed automatically.

I can already see that you are wondering why I tell you all this. And I respond with another question: What was the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry? I see that you are not sure. You don’t know whether it was his baptism or his presentation in the synagogue of Nazareth.

I will tell you that Jesus’ baptism through John the Baptist happened later. The Master’s first step in his public ministry, then, was his reading of chapter 61 from the Book of Isaiah in the synagogue of Nazareth.

As I have indicated before, the reading of the Sacred Scriptures was not - and is not - carried out at random, but in a firmly fixed order.

A few weeks before Simkhat Torah one of the last chapters of the final part of the book of Deuteronomy is read in the synagogues, dealing with the Covenant of God with Abraham, and also with the liberation of the Hebrews from their captivity, when they would return from all parts of the world where they had been dispersed.

The corresponding chapter from the prophets is chapter 61 of Isaiah, which also deals with the liberation of the captives.

“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound…”

This was exactly what Jesus wanted to announce openly, and this is why he returned to Nazareth on that Saturday of the month of September in the year 25, requesting the privilege of reciting these priceless verses in the synagogue, proclaiming thus publicly for first time his ministry as the Messiah for humanity.

I will not now expand on people’s reaction, or on Jesus’ own reaction and the subsequent events, but rather I want you to know that in that month of the year 25 the Master’s appearance on the Palestinian scene took its start.

Dear D___, I also want to take advantage of this opportunity to clarify a question you have borne in mind a long time, and which you have not asked so far. It is about a message received by Dr. Samuels on Daniel’s prophecies.

In this message, you can read:

“Daniel’s original period of 1260 days for this expression of time was later supplemented by 30 days to make it 1290 and finally by 45 days more for a total of 1335 days. As events actually took place, my ministry was 1172 days, plus 40 days up to the time of my ascension, plus 50 more days up to the Pentecost, a total of 1262 days, thus you see how close Daniel was in his prophecy; especially of his original figure of 1260 days.”

I ask: Who increased the original number by 30 and 45 days? When did this happen and where?

However, I want to draw your attention to the following: Dr. Samuels gives the date of Jesus’ death, as March 18 of the year 29. This is the correct date, a black Friday for all of us. Now, taking the number of days of Jesus’ ministry, 1172 by the way, one may calculate the beginning of the Master’s public ministry. The result is January 1 of the year 26, a Tuesday.

In the same message it is explained that on January 1 of the year 26, Pilate profaned the Temple in Jerusalem with his idolatrous standards, a profanation lasting one week long.

But the reading in the synagogue of Nazareth did not happen on a Tuesday, but on a Saturday. There is no doubt about this, although I didn’t have the privilege of witnessing it personally. The number 1172, then, does not indicate the duration of Jesus’ ministry, but the number of days between Pilate’s arrival at Jerusalem and Jesus’ death. But the reading in the synagogue happened several months earlier, in fall, when the summer heat of Palestine gave way little by little to the first rainfalls.

This message received by Dr. Samuels certainly is very interesting and ingenious, but it contains some cabalistic games of numbers which you should not take literally.

Very well, my dear D__ and H___, having said this, I believe that it is time to start the next cycle of messages: On Jesus’ public life.

See you soon. Until then, keep up your spirituality, never forget to pray, and attempt to make all your life a prayer.

Your Celestial friend,



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