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The Fifth Sphere

September 25th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear brother, today I come in order to tell you a little more about conditions prevailing in the fifth sphere of the spirit world. We have already made a long journey together through several spheres, and you already have some notion of the spheres which you got from Ann Rollins, Jesus, and John’s messages, etc.

My main interest has been the description of the development in the diverse stages rather than the description of the environment, because that is something that is impossible to achieve. Only in the earth planes can you use comparison to convey an appropriate image. By the second sphere that is much more difficult, and in the fifth sphere it is absolutely impossible.

I have told you how spirits from the fourth sphere get rid of all their earthly bonds. Only then are they mature spirits, true inhabitants of the spirit world; they are only then 100% spiritual beings. Earth, for these spirits, is of no interest anymore, except in as much as there are other incarnated spirits who need their help.

Ann Rollins said that the spheres of the spirit world can be categorized according to the kind of development they offer. There are spheres which foster the development of the soul through purification of natural love. These are the second, the fourth, and the sixth spheres. There are other spheres, which encourage the development in Divine Love. These are the third, the fifth, and the seventh spheres.

Now, in the fifth sphere, we are in one of those soul spheres, as they are also called, which offer great opportunities for obtaining the Love of God, and where “natural” spirits don’t spend much time. We will analyze this in a little more detail.

Natural spirits have already achieved almost everything. The only thing that they still lack is the absolute purity of their natural souls. They have to eliminate the last traces of sin from their souls. Error continues to exist because they still cling to false convictions, to their beliefs, but, as I already mentioned once, those are harmless beliefs. The kind of truth they possess is really a kind of truth that is in harmony with the laws under which they develop, but it is not in harmony with the Laws of Divinity, with the Law of Divine Love.

This last stage of purification, in general, doesn’t take much time, and very soon they may leave the fifth sphere and enter the sixth, the great goal of all their spiritual life, the entrance into paradise. Why should they stay in an inferior place, given that they have the possibility of living where their greatest desire to live is?

We know that Divine Love achieves the purification of natural love in the soul. Hence, the spirits along the Divine path of the fifth sphere, who have obtained a considerable amount of Divine Love in order to arrive there, already have a highly purified soul, too. They don’t need much time either to reach their definitive purification. And many of them, in fact, hurry to progress into the sixth sphere, and almost all return very soon to the fifth. What has happened?

You remember once, when you still were living in Europe, that one of your friends informed you that she was going to get a divorce. She was college teacher, and was married to a bricklayer. At the beginning, there was no problem in this relationship, both understood each other very well, but in the course of the years, the situation worsened definitively. She summarized it in this way: “I am really fed up, the only topic of conversation with him is Mickey Mouse!” She enjoyed the opera, and he didn’t have any interest in that. He enjoyed soccer games on Sundays, but this bothered her. And so things were throughout all fields of interest. The importance of sexuality had disappeared, there was nothing new in this relationship, and in theory only basic topics of common interest were left. But in fact, they did not exist. I don’t want to discuss if this marriage was based on love or not, but rather I want to take advantage of this example to explain to you that spirits on the Divine path no longer find common interests with spirits of the sixth sphere.

During their development through the spirit world, the Divine spirits, if one is allowed to call them such, as they are not still truly Divine, try to convince the natural spirits of the superiority of their path toward the Celestial Heavens. Success is rare, but they try anyway. In the sixth sphere, however, where natural spirits know that they have achieved the maximum that they can achieve, and where they live in incredible happiness, there is not even the inclination to listen to them, in general. The scientific and philosophical topics which are developed there, are of little interest for Divine spirits, although they do possess enough knowledge to be able to follow these discussions, but to them they lack importance. And the topic of Divine spirits, that is to say, the development of the soul in the Love of God, is an absurdity for their mates.

Well, as I have said, after a very short time and after many disappointments, the Divine spirits prefer to return to the fifth sphere, where they try to obtain more Divine Love, in order to be able to enter directly the seventh sphere.

The “mentality,” if I may call it so, between natural spirits and Divine spirits of the fifth sphere is already quite different. As you know, the obtaining of Divine Love also entails a superior role that the mind of the soul plays in comparison with the material mind, with its seat in the spirit body. This is a process that does not occur in natural spirits.

You have already read that the criterion for the entrance into the seventh sphere is the disappearance of the material mind and the absolute ascendancy of the soul’s mind. I won’t try to explain this now, as you would not understand it anyway, but I tell you that one needs a lot of God’s Love, of His Substance, in one’s soul to achieve this goal. And this is exactly what spirits on the Divine path in the fifth sphere seek to obtain. And besides that development, as you may imagine, they continue working for humanity’s benefit.

I think I have written enough on the fifth sphere. It is a fascinating topic. But you have to experience it in order to understand it.

Now I will leave you. I wish you a very productive day, and as you already know, when you should need me, just call me. I will be here at once.

With all my love, I am your brother in Christ, Judas,

a spirit from the Celestial Heavens


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