Messages 2001

The Fourth Sphere

September 23rd, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Tears, yes, there will be much weeping because of the happenings which are about to occur. But this is not our subject of today.

I know that you have a long list of questions, and we will deal with all of them, one by one. But we will also integrate these points in the series of messages which I intend to deliver.

Today we will speak of the fourth sphere in the spirit world.

As you already know, the spirits of the fourth sphere work hard in their work of “Atonement.” This work is no longer considered as a burden or obligation as it has already become a means for self-realization.

Many of the spirits of the fourth sphere work as teachers in the educational and scientific institutions of lower spheres. They also act as spiritual guides. Above all, it is in this sphere where they develop their at times astonishing healing abilities.

The fourth sphere, as you already know, is basically an intellectual sphere. You have heard that spirits who have opted for development in Divine Love don’t remain a long time in this sphere. In general this is true, but it is not a fixed rule. I can imagine that you would like to stay longer in this place in order to deepen the knowledge that interests you, for example humanity’s history, especially the history of Christendom.

The spirits from the fourth sphere, in their work as guides and humanity’s helpers in many aspects, of course visit the earth planes and the earth itself frequently. They are very interested in the affairs of earth. But that interest disappears gradually in the course of their spiritual development as they progress within this sphere from level to level.

Yes, their art of healing is fabulous. It would be difficult or impossible to give you an idea. Although you have some medical education, you cannot compare what you try to do with what is achieved in the spirit world. To give you a comparison, you would be like working with heavy hammers, and they work with fine instruments used for electronic devices. Diseases which appear so material are not so in fact. The Chinese concept of disease, of the flows of energies, of balance and harmonies, mirrors reality much more than occidental medicine, which certainly has developed a lot by systematic scientific research. However, in its materialism it pursues the wrong goals. You can already notice that many doctors and scientists recognize this weakness and try to widen the reach of their treatments, applying “alternative” methods and pursuing “alternative” goals.

I have told you that spirits in the fourth sphere lose their interest, little by little, in earthly affairs. The reason for this is that their earthly bonds weaken. In other words, politics, wars, daily life, etc., no longer get their attention. Even family bonds disappear. This doesn’t mean that the most developed spirits of the fourth sphere don’t help humanity. On the contrary, due to their great soul development they do this with enthusiasm and with much more efficiency than other spirits coming from lower regions. They do it for love, for vocation, and it gives them fulfilment. And they offer this service to any person who needs it and who has been assigned to them. The idea of being dedicated mainly to their relatives in the flesh no longer fits into this concept. They have come to understand that all human beings are their sisters and brothers, and that all share the same Father.

Yes, I know that you have understood this, but you don’t live this. In your case it is an intellectual knowledge, but as I see it, there is not a lot of conviction behind it. That is natural. To arrive at these heights, a process of development is necessary that is very difficult to attain on earth. However it is not impossible. There are mortals who may enter the Celestial spheres soon after their material death, but these cases are limited. As I have told you, most arrive at the earth planes; some even go to the second sphere. And those who arrive immediately at the third sphere after death are very rare, and if we go up the scale of spheres, the cases which have enough development for living immediately after their physical death in these high places are the great exception.

Now we return to a very controversial but not very transcendent (Lying beyond the ordinary range of perception) topic: Soulmates. We will dedicate a special message to this topic, but I want to mention here and now that only in the fourth sphere does this topic begin to gain some importance. For the lower spirits, the question of soulmates may arouse interest or curiosity, but doesn’t have relevance. All this we will analyze soon.

Well, my brother, from what I have explained so far, you may understand that the fourth sphere, with its vast offer of potential studies and its work full of realization, is a very attractive region for spirits, mainly for spirits along the way toward the perfect man. For this reason, they usually stay there a long time. Also many spirits along the Celestial path do this, because they enjoy the work they are carrying out on humanity’s behalf or for the benefit of less developed spirits. However many only consider this sphere as an intermediate stage, because you can also carry out this work of love in the higher spheres.

The decisive moment in the development of spirits in the fourth sphere is the loss of all their material bonds such as their interest in political matters or their special attraction toward their relatives. This attraction becomes a deep love for all humanity without exception and preferences. This is a huge step in the purification of natural love.

Yes it is true, there are messages from spirits who claim to live in the fourth sphere, and who are interested in political matters. You remember Napoleon Bonaparte’s message, when he was observing the course of events during World War I with maximum interest. As I have said, the loss of this kind of interest is the result of a development that culminates in the supreme plane of the fourth sphere. It is not given automatically nor instantaneously. And only when this soul condition has been achieved, together with the necessary soul cleansing, does the spirit have the opportunity to enter the following sphere, which until then is hidden and inaccessible. So you see, Napoleon was still far from this goal in this sense.

This is a good moment to interrupt my discourse. We could continue with the fifth sphere. But I believe that it is advisable to clarify the question of soulmates before doing so.

With my love and my blessings, I say goodbye now. Have a beautiful and prosperous day.

Your brother in Christ,



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