Messages 2002

Passing over.

December 7th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


In the late afternoon of December 6, 2002, the mother of the husband of one of my sisters-in-law suddenly died from a heart attack.

Here in Ecuador - and I suppose in all Latin America - we have a custom: The coffin is put on the bier in a hall, and the deceased person’s family accompany him or her right through the night and the following day until the burial. Friends join them in their grief. This is called “velorio.” On December 7, my wife and I had been at the velorio for some hours.

When I was sitting there and asking myself where the woman would be right now, I perceived this familiar little voice.

“She is confused now,” it told me.

“I suppose she is now in that place of reception you have told me about,” I replied.


“Where will she go from there?” I insisted.

“Whoever finds joy in faith on earth, will find a place in one of the antechambers to the Kingdom of God,” Judas answered. “If you cannot find joy in faith on earth, you won’t be able to find it in the spirit world.”

“Where do people go who do not believe, but who dedicate all their efforts to intellectual achievements?” I continued.

“They go to a place where this joy may grow even greater,” Judas replied. “This is the Law of Attraction. It is not more difficult to find the way to God and His Love in the spirit world than it is on earth. In both places the prerequisites are the same: Earnest longings and constant prayer. But in a world of fast progression, where there are no limits, seemingly, to your endeavors, it is so easy to lose course, because any direction you chose will reward you with plenty of happiness. There is something more I want to tell you.

You are reading a lot about mysticism now. I know it is an interesting topic. But be aware that you must apply your own criterion. For example, mystics claim that they can achieve at-onement with God through meditation. This is not quite true. They can achieve at-onement - but with the universe, that is: with God’s creation.”

“What does this mean?” I inquired.

“This means that they finally come to the experience that they are not isolated individual beings here on earth, but there is a vast interconnection. They are aspects of a whole, and as they change, the whole changes. As others change, they are affected, etc. too. This is a topic that I have promised to elaborate on, and I will do so. But not now.

For now, it is sufficient that you have understood: the world is not as it appears to be. People who call themselves “realists” and reject those “fancy ideas” are in fact far from being realists. They have no idea of what reality actually is. They are prisoners in the cell that their narrow minds have built up for them. Their universe is their inner view, and their inner view is truly limited.

And one more bit of advice: If you want to write a book on quantum physics or psychology, then go ahead. But ask yourself if you are the right person to do so. You are not a psychologist, you are not a quantum physicist. But you have a lot of spiritual experience to share with others. So, it is OK to study physics and psychology, but follow the advice to go wherever truth leads you, no matter that this path is not the path of science. Use your own definitions, without caring about the definitions of physics and psychology. Simply make plain what you are referring to.

You want to write your book, so you have to put your ideas into it. People may not be interested in your opinion of science, since you are no scientist. But they may be very interested in your spiritual experience. Focus on that.

I will leave you now. This not a propitious environment for message transmission. Find a quiet place whenever you need to ask me. You know, I will always be there to answer your doubts.

God bless you,



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