Messages 2001

The Third Sphere

September 19th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear brother, I come to you to resume my discourse on the life in the spheres of the spirit world. But before doing so, I would like to answer two questions you have asked me.

First I would like to tell you that your friend Victor who was murdered a few years ago is well. He lives in the twilight zone, where your brothers also live. He was a good friend of your brother Karl, but now he no longer has contact with him as their interests are too different. He spends a lot of time with his family on earth, and he doesn’t have any desire to detach himself from these bonds. This is why he makes no effort to progress. He will surely need a lot of time to recover from the traumatic experience of his violent death, which tore him away from a life full of projects and plans. But you need not worry about him. In his way he is happy there, although it hurts him that he cannot participate directly in his family’s life. I believe that when his children will have settled down firmly in their professional life and when they will have started their own families, that the time will then come when he decides to look ahead and to undertake the journey of progress, which sooner or later all have to start.

Your second question refers to the phrase I communicated yesterday: “I understand that now the topic of Islam has gained some interest because of the current events and those that are about to occur.”

The events that are about to take place will be very painful events, born out of the desire for vengeance. But as I have told you already, it won’t be the end of the world. They may also contribute to improving the world, because unfortunately, men obviously need some painful experiences in order to find the way towards God again. Everything lies in the hands of men. We can advise, but we cannot force anybody.

But now let’s forget about this sad situation and let us speak of the third sphere.

You will remember how spirits in the last stage of the second sphere arrive at the awareness that they have to fulfill some work, always in the helping of others. They call this work an “atonement task,” because according to their understanding, it is a work that they have to carry out in part to pay for their sins, and in part to repay the help that they themselves have received, and which in fact they continue receiving.

The spirits of the third sphere are fully qualified to lend help to the spirits of the lower spheres. You remember well that Jesus explained through Mr. Padgett and Dr. Samuels that the fact that more developed spirits helped the less developed spirits constitutes a Law. In his comment on the Oahspe Bible, he dispels the superstition that war exists in the spirit world, and more specifically between the inhabitants of the different spheres, and he puts forth the principle of mutual help.

Certainly even in hell this principle of help exists, but the low level of soul development doesn’t allow this help to be effective. Something similar may be said of all the levels of the earth planes. In the second sphere, where spirits learn how to really live as spirits, they acquire the tools to offer help efficiently. They also advance in the purification of their natural love. Those along the Celestial path obtain more of the Father’s Love, and this learning process continues in the third sphere - in fact, it continues throughout all the spheres which follow. But the new thing that occurs in the third sphere is that the theoretical knowledge and the purified love that can serve a harmonious purpose, providing help following the Will of God.

You also know that the Law of Activation requires certain preparation on the part of the spirits to be able to perceive our Celestial Father’s orders more or less clearly. In the lower spheres these orders are not received with a lot of clarity, and therefore, the Law of Activation works to a rather limited effect there.

What are the tasks then that the inhabitants of the third sphere are dedicated to?

They usually have something to do with their lives on earth, often with their more serious sins, in the sense of guiding other spirits or mortals along better paths than they themselves had chosen. It may also be a work of “un-learning” or of “un-teaching” falsehoods, in order to rectify much of what they have done consciously or unconsciously on earth. You have already read of these examples where the preacher has to try to influence his old parishioners so that they accept the truth and forget the false teachings which the preacher had originally instructed them on earth.

In the beginning this work seems really gigantic, and the spirits many times feel frustrations. Yes, happiness in this sphere is not perfect, but as they advance, the task gives them more and more joy and realization. If we stay with the preacher’s example, we can understand that he had a certain vocation on earth, although his teachings may not have been the correct ones, the greater happiness provides a work where one may follow his vocation and teach what is correct. With the words “correct” and “false,” I refer to essential principles along the way towards perfection. Certainly many spirits continue teaching falsehoods, like the idea of reincarnation for example, but they are harmless falsehoods, because they don’t interfere with the definitive goal in the Plans of God.

From what I have told you, you will understand that the third sphere is still far from perfection. Truth and falsehood coexist, but harmful falsehood has already been eradicated.

It is a task of love. And the spirits who have obtained a certain quantity of Divine Love are devoted to this work with even more energy. Many of them stay for a long time in this sphere, because in spite of certain disillusions that they suffer when they are rejected in their teachings by other spirits, they feel the importance of their work. To them the work is more difficult because what they teach is new to many, and therefore they face greater resistance and rejection than their mates along the natural path.

For Divine Love spirits the third sphere constitutes a very special experience. Although some of them may have obtained a small portion of this Love on earth or in the previous stages in the spirit world, it is here where for the first time they “live” this Love, where they put their light on high and try to be living examples of the Father’s Will.

The third sphere therefore is an area where spirits progress in their awareness, where their idea of an expiatory work becomes a vocational task, and which they perform and accomplish with enthusiasm and fervor.

When they have arrived at this awareness, the moment has come for them to advance further on, and the doors of the fourth sphere open up. But of this we will speak tomorrow, if your condition allows it.

You feel somewhat depressed today. I know the reason and I understand you. But I advise you to do what your heart dictates, without looking to the right or to the left. Only look ahead, because it is there where the great objective awaits you. You have found a work which you may carry out without depending on anybody. And you know very well that you can always count on us, we will never let you down. Everything depends only on your condition and on your disposition. So, take courage and you will be fine.

Now I will say good-bye. I leave you my blessings and will soon return.

Your brother in the spirit,



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