Messages 2001

The Seventh Sphere.

September 28th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Hello, my dear brother. I have come to deliver my last message on the spirit world. Let’s talk about the seventh sphere.

[H.: Your last message? Won’t you talk about the Celestial Heavens?]

Yes, this is my last message to complete this sequence, and no, I won’t talk about the Celestial Heavens. It is already quite unsatisfactory what I can communicate of life in the higher spheres of the spirit world, and it would be worse if I tried to describe the Celestial spheres. Those are totally out of reach of your perceptions, and I won’t even try this. Well, let’s proceed.

You know already that only those spirits whose souls’ mind dominates their material mind, may enter the seventh sphere. The material mind has not necessarily disappeared completely, but in the course of development in that sphere, it decreases ever more and finally ceases to exist. So you see, when entering the spirit world, men lose their physical bodies and when entering the seventh sphere they lose their material mind and the last traces of their natural souls.

That is in fact the great objective in the seventh sphere. The inhabitants of this place are very perfect, in the sense that they have not only the perfection of the natural man, but their souls harbor a considerable amount of God’s Love. The transformation of their souls has progressed to such a point where they lack very little in order to experience their total transformation. Therefore the great experience of the New Birth happens in this sphere, with exception of the case when a person has already experienced the New Birth on earth, as in the case of Jesus, but that is a very rare and really exceptional event. However, it is possible.

The duration of the process of the last stage of transformation varies. It may be achieved in a relatively short time, but many spirits stay longer in this wonderful paradise, enjoying and experiencing, like tourists taking their time to explore the last corner of their unknown world rather than like sportsmen who make every effort to run a certain distance at full speed. You may remember that you read how the Law of Compensation operates on the recollections of evil done on earth. And when people finally reach their redemption, these recollections leave them.

Well, you have already understood that one cannot take that literally. I committed evil on earth, and not only once but many times, as practically all men do. And I still remember this, otherwise I could not tell you of my betrayal. What this sentence is intended to convey is that the recollections of evil always bear a bitter flavor, and the bitterness in the earth planes is very strong, especially in the hells, where it leads almost to desperation. But this flavor gets lost as we progress. For example, in the fifth sphere there is practically nothing left of that negativity, and in the seventh sphere, it finally disappears completely. Many spirits take advantage of the time in the seventh to meditate on their lives on earth, and primarily, on what has happened during their voyage through the spheres.

I did it, and in that time the idea ripened in my heart of dedicating myself to people who are in a similar situation as I was on earth. I mean, people of a similar character, with similar problems of understanding, etc. You are one of these people, and as I try to influence you and to offer you guidance, I also do this with many others. And if you look back at your life, you will see that we have had some success, and that your life has changed substantially, and for the better, as you will surely admit. This is my work, one of my works, and many spirits in fact in the seventh sphere make up their mind on the kind of higher work they will perform with mortals, when once they enter the Celestial spheres.

As I have already stated, the great objective in the seventh sphere is making the New Birth come true, and the incredible amount of Divine Love which spirits are able to obtain, bears a lot of faith, and perhaps it would be better to say, it bears a lot of soul knowledge, which is the same thing, but so you will understand better how the wisdom of spirits of the seventh sphere grows unimaginably.

And when their souls finally become Divine souls, and when the gates of the Celestial Heavens open up, there comes also the prize of the certain and doubtless knowledge that they are owners of true Immortality, that they are Divine beings like God Himself is Divine, and that in fact they can no longer call themselves humans. They are angels. That transformation is greater than the mortal’s transformation into a spirit, because in that step they only lose their physical bodies, while in the New Birth, they lose the “humanity” of their souls and acquire “Divinity,” the supreme principle of all existence.

Well, I think I have said enough on the seventh sphere. Our voyage through those spheres should not only serve to quench your curiosity, but I have conveyed this information so that anyone who reads this information may find their individual position relative to this great succession of changes, whose main features I have communicated, without taking details into consideration, which certainly do exist, but which have no major importance for our purpose. My brother, when you analyze where you are, considering your spirituality, your total delivery to your neighbors in fully recognized duty, considering your joyful delivery in service for your sisters and brothers, considering your detachment from all your earthly and material bonds, where would you locate yourself?

[H.: I am not sure, but thinking it over, I believe that I would fit into the second sphere, because the only criterion I do comply with completely is the deep conviction that happiness and fulfillment can only be found in spirituality. But perhaps I am too optimistic…]

Well said, H___, you would really fit into the second sphere. You still have a long way to cover. But comparing your current state to your condition of a few years ago, you have already achieved much. Where would you locate Mother Teresa? Undoubtedly you didn’t know her personally, but you could make a tentative estimate.

[H.: I really don’t know, but I can imagine that she would fit into the fifth or seventh sphere…]

Very well, a good guess. She arrived in the fifth sphere, and she lacked little to enter the seventh, where she is now.

[H.: As we are speaking of spheres, my wife would really like to know where her sister lives now.]

She is in the fifth sphere. And she still lacks somewhat in order to progress toward the seventh. But she is on a very good track. She is a very luminous spirit, I already told you this once. Well, with that we will consider this cycle of messages as concluded.

I have already told you that I intend to start a new series, on Jesus’ life and teachings, something like a biography. But I see that you have accumulated some questions, which I shall try to respond to in the next days, more specifically we will deal with the topics of divorce and of violence, the causes of the present conflict and its possible solutions. It is understandable that this is what most people are concerned about at this time.

You have also received some questions on the spirit guides of other mortals. I won’t communicate that. First, when people make an effort to know their guides, and when they really desire it and transform their desire into actions, in the sense of developing their spirituality, they will be able to know their guides. Second, many of these spirits are happy in their anonymity, and although mortals at times are not able to discover their guides’ identity, they can feel them, they can communicate with them and they can know them as they really are, not only their names. Besides, what good would be saying that some guide’s name is Juan Perez and another one’s is Joe Smith, and even another one’s name is Franz Meier or Pierre Dupont. Don’t forget that there are many millions of Celestial spirits working with mortals, as a matter of fact, their number is larger than the number of mortals who seek spiritual progress. And many of these anonymous spirits have reached greater development than I have, greater than some of the apostles have.

With these words I say goodbye. I pray that the Father may continue blessing you, and I hope to communicate with you soon again.

Your brother in Christ and you guide along the Celestial path,

Judas of Kerioth


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