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The second sphere

September 16th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


I am here, Judas, your brother in Christ. After having expressed my comments on those terrible attacks in the United States and their causes and consequences, I would like to resume our series of messages on the spirit world.

I have described how spirits cross the different levels of the earth planes, and how they finally reach the conclusion that materialism doesn’t lead to happiness. This understanding produces a deep change in the souls of these spirits, and they realize that the only path that they must pursue is the way to spirituality. A new world opens up for them, and they get the opportunity to enter the second sphere, a sphere that is much more spiritual but which was until then was hidden and outside the range of their perceptions.

The way, then, is spirituality. But it is not a uniform path. It can manifest itself in a variety of forms. It is in that second sphere where spirits finally choose the exact path along which they wish to continue, although later on it will always be possible for them to change their opinion, and to return from a higher sphere and choose another branch of spirituality.

It has been more or less easy to give you an impression of the environment as it exists in the earth planes, but it is much more difficult to describe the second sphere, or the sphere of decision, as I like to call it. If I tell you that everything here is more ethereal, you won’t understand me, and the human vocabulary, of course, only contains words to describe what exists in the surroundings of the consciousness of men on earth, or the ideas and models that philosophy develops. But even in this quite low sphere, the surroundings and ideas go far beyond what exists on earth.

Everything that is built in the earth planes is built by hand or by machine, as you do on earth. Life in the earth planes can really be considered an extension of the earth life, and this is good, because spirits usually need time to adapt to their new life. But in the sphere of decision things are already a bit different.

This sphere doesn’t only lead to the fundamental decision as to the future development of each spirit, but it is like a kindergarten, preparing for authentic spiritual life. Spirits detach themselves more and more from their links to earth, which still continue, but gradually lose importance. They learn how to use their spiritual powers, all under the surveillance and the instruction of more developed spirits, who come from higher spheres to teach in the schools and institutions of the second sphere.

The inhabitants of the second sphere take their first insecure steps, mainly in the art of creation. They learn how to modify their clothes, they even learn, in a rudimentary way, to modify aspects of their spiritual body consciously. Their houses are no longer built by hand or by machines, but the spiritual forces give them form. You can imagine that all this provides a freedom until then unknown to those spirits, and it raises them to a state of enthusiasm, I would almost call it euphoria. These are unforgettable experiences, and for that reason many spirits remain there for a long, long time. That is not bad. It is not necessary to travel through all the spheres at top speed. The goal of perfection is tempting, but it is a good idea to also make the trip towards this goal into an unforgettable and fulfilling adventure. Nobody need fear arriving late at their personal destination. God will always wait for them with a smile of approval.

As to the different ways - you can already imagine what that means. In the first place, it is optional whether spirit wants to continue along the way toward Divinity by praying for the Father’s Divine Love and obtaining it, or if they want to continue along the way towards the perfect natural man in the sixth sphere, an equally seductive destination for many, or even the majority, who don’t understand the importance of the first option.

After they have lived some time in the second sphere, the spirits inevitably come into contact with higher spirits, who inform them about the advantages of their own development. A spirit from the fourth sphere with his moral development will praise all the achievements that may be obtained by his decision, and similarly the spirits progressing along the path towards intellectual or religious perfection, and even the spirits on the Divine path.

The inhabitants of the second sphere still continue partly with the ideas they entertained on earth, mainly religious ideas, and in the same way as they accept or reject ideas on earth, they choose according to their own approach what they find more appropriate, truer or more beneficial. In some way many of the spirits in the second sphere pass through a spell of confusion, because after their period of adaptation they think that the time should already have come to stand in front of God, to face Jesus, if they are Christian, but nothing of that sort happens.

[H.: Does Jesus never visit them? Doesn’t he speak with them?]

Yes, he does, but they do not recognize him. He cannot present himself before them as he really is. They would not perceive this. Therefore he looks like any other bright spirit. Many entertain the idea that Jesus is God, and therefore they say that this bright spirit who claims to be Jesus doesn’t tell the truth. He cannot be telling the truth. It is the material mind and the earthly ideas that finally decide the destination of each spirit. Here you can see once again why Jesus so many times communicated to Mr. Padgett that the most appropriate moment to develop one’s soul, and therefore one’s perceptions, is right now, always right now, while still living on earth. The development that occurs on earth may be decisive in the spirit world.

Even the branches of the way toward the perfect man are not uniform in their nature. You can readily imagine that a spirit who chooses the religious path has the option of a variety of different religions, which continue existing in a similar way to earth, with some obvious corrections, but with their distinctive and very typical beliefs.

The spirits that finally decide to pursue the way to Divinity in general very soon lose their interest in the marvelous offerings in the second sphere for developing their spiritual powers. These are not important to them any more, because they learn that together with the development of their souls, all those things will be given to them. But, for spirits along the path towards the perfect man the second sphere exercises an irresistible attraction. They are like babies who take their first steps, or who utter their first words, repeating what they have learned without getting tired.

In some ways the second sphere is already what you could call heaven, with immense happiness and with facilities for study that nobody could dream of on earth. However, it is only the beginning of a fascinating voyage.

[H.: Are there spirits who arrive at the second sphere after their physical death without first passing through the earth planes?]

Yes, there are, and there are quite a few of them. Everything depends on their soul development. As I have said, the great majority arrives at the earth planes, mainly in the twilight zone, but many have enough development to live in the second sphere. They are the mortals who have understood that it is not materialism which leads to fulfillment, and who are devoted to spiritual development one hundred percent.

And as the song goes: “And the feast we thought endless comes like everything to an end…”

So comes the day for all inhabitants of the second sphere when these surroundings can no longer offer anything new, and when progress stagnates. As you will understand, this sphere consists of an enormous number of diverse planes and levels, but some day each and every spirit arrives at the top level. Then, there is nothing left for them to do or to learn. They are ready for their transition to a new world. But in order for them to do so one more time, a profound change occurs in these spirits’ awareness.

They remember that they have come out of unpleasant situations many times through the help they received from more developed spirits. Even here in the second sphere there are higher spirits who offer them instruction and unselfish service. The time has come to repay this help, to show their gratefulness and for them to enter into action, lending a helping hand to their less fortunate mates. After having enjoyed a pleasant stay in an enormous playground where they learned and developed and even learned in an enjoyable way, they develop a deep feeling of responsibility and duty. A new era dawns in their spiritual life, and a new universe opens up.

Spirits call this duty their work of atonement. But we will not speak of this right now. This message is already very long.

I will leave you now. I wish you a happy day, and don’t forget what I have told you in the previous messages. Pray more and more, the world needs this. Try to develop your soul right now on earth so that you may start your trip as a spirit through the spirit world from a very favorable position.

May God bless you always,

Your friend, guide, and brother in Christ,



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