True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

Cousin Laura Burroughs tells of meeting her soulmate.

January 19th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Laura Burroughs. I am glad to be able to write you again and tell you that since I last wrote you I have made much progress and come into the possession of much more happiness. Dear cousin, I am so glad that I can tell you this, for I know that you rejoice with me in my happiness and the knowledge of what great mercy has come to me. I merely wanted to say this, for it makes me very happy to come to you in this way.

Well he (her husband) is in the spirit world but in a very dark plane, and is not at all happy. I have been with him some, but have not been able to do him any good, as his old beliefs cling to him and prevent his progress. Sometime we may be able to help him, and will then try.

She (Helen) has told me he is not my soulmate, and I have met my soulmate very recently; he is in the same sphere with me and we are very happy together and are trying to progress together. Well, I never knew him on earth. He lived in Pennsylvania and died a long time before I did, and tells me that he had to go through much suffering and darkness before he got into the plane of light. He is a very beautiful spirit, and I could love him, I believe, even if he were not my soulmate; but as he is, you know what our love means. He is looking at me write and heard your question and says his name was Henry W. Spaulding, and lived in Millville, if you know where that is.

After I had made some progress and got some love in my soul, Helen brought him to me one time, and said “Laura, here is a young man who has been very anxious to meet you for some time, and you must not fall in love with him, if you can keep from doing so,” and she laughed. Well, I suppose, I blushed, as we mortals used to say, but I did fall in love, as you can imagine, and have been loving him ever since. How we all love Helen for her kindness and the great good that she does. You just wait until you come over, and you will see the most beautiful girl that you ever saw.

He returns the satisfaction (salutation), and says that he considers himself very fortunate in having such a cousin, and he means it, for he sees the wonder of the great gift that you have, and the loving and high spirits that come to you. I must say good night now, and with my love I will stop.

Your loving cousin,



This message is a composite of two, being published in Volume III on page 364 and Volume IV on page 117. For more details see this page.